If it be true indeed that Mr Boss Mustapha, Secretary to the Government of the Federation of Nigeria, did say that “The Shortest route to Igbo Presidency in Nigeria is to support Buhari in 2019”, my response to him is to inform him that his suggestion is dumb, to say the least.

Whoever sees the Boss Mustapha fellow should tell him that the reality of now is that even if Buhari resigns today in 2018, for an Igbo man or woman to take over as President of Nigeria without the gauntlet of Election, that will not alter the resolve of Eastern Nigeria to extricate itself from the Union of Death and Attrition Nigeria has become for the Igbo.

To now descend into the insult of dangling “Igbo Presidency” in 2023 as great reason Igbo should in 2019 support a President actively pursuing the harming and hurting of the Igbo in every conceivable way, tells very poorly on Mr Mustapha’s ability to perceive and interpret the mood of the People he is offering the Trojan Horse of Presidency of Nigeria.

It may well be that Mr Mustapha has been hobnobbing with the intestine-driven charlatans and renegades of Igboland who are chasing the wild goose called “Igbo Presidency” at a time the People they claim to lead are determinedly seeking an urgent extrication from the toxic entrapment called “Nigeria”.

Let someone inform and advise him that his harebrained offer is dead on arrival and is perceived as an egregious insult on the sensibilities of the Igbo as well as an embarrassing reflection and representation of the reasoning capacity of a man who holds court as the Scribe of the wobbling Federation of Nigeria.

As for the buffoons of Igboland who go about, crowing “Igbo Presidency”, “Igbo Presidency”, and whose unspoken mantra seem to be, *”Once-You-Settle-Me-Igbo-Is-Settled”* let it be known to them that there will be consequences to the yeoman job being done in the service of determined enemy against the People in whose name you seek private benefits.

There must be an end to evil.

Visit http://www.lnc-usa.org


Tony Nnadi


April 13, 2018


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