2019: Oblong Unveils Manifesto, Promises to Bring Social-Economic Development to His Constituency.

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) aspirant to the Owerri federal Constituency seat at the House of Representatives Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi-Oforgu, has unveiled his political manifesto to his election sponsors in Lagos and Abuja with a promise to bring social-economic development to his constituency through a participatory approach.

The PDP aspirant, who reeled out his political manifesto to a select group of his core election sponsors, assured them that to achieve a legacy of sustainable development across the constituency he is going to use a participatory approach to ensure that the constituents are carried along in the prioritization, design, implementation, and evaluation of plans and projects.

Duruebube Nnadi said he will structure his activities within a distinct agenda that includes an economic development agenda that will be focused on generation of sustainable economic opportunities for micro, small and medium enterprises, adding that there will also be a capacity agenda that will support institutional strengthening for local and community based organizations.

Duruebube Oblong A businessman and social media activist, added that he is also going to have a peace-building agenda that will foster stability in vulnerable and conflict impacted communities occasioned by the greedy politically motivated ill planned creation of autonomous communities by the present government, together with an analysis and advocacy agenda that will seek to promote analysis, understanding and awareness of socio-economic needs in the constituency and identify strategies for addressing them.

He stressed that his mission statement is, “to develop and promote the relationship between the constituents and their representative in the federal House for more people oriented and people centered policies and development processes in Owerri federal constituency.”

Duruebube, who is ranked as a top social media personality and a long standing social activist, added that his vision is to promote and advocate the integration of gender participation and awareness of gender issues into projects design and implementation to foster equitable participation and benefits for both men and women.

He said he will ensure a regime of value proposition to open up the development space for corporate organizations operating in the constituency to partner in the socio-economic development of the constituency, adding that there will be a genuine relationship-building and development of partnership with foreign development organizations in addressing the socio-economic needs of the constituency.

The PDP Owerri Federal constituency candidate added that he is going to harness opportunities that will complement projects with additional socio-economic benefits, adding that development projects will be based on social research and capacity building.

He pointed out that his strategic point agenda in achieving his vision, is to collaborate with the executive and the local governments to foster sustainable development within the constituency and empower communities in his constituency to generate a broad range of support from government at other levels, non-governmental and international partners.

He also pointed out that he will collaborate with the executive to increase the capacity of key government and community organs at the grassroots level to generate sustainable development of the constituency, adding that he will also demonstrate how real collaboration between the various stakeholders can generate more effective results in addressing the community needs and development challenges.

Duruebube called on the people of his constituency to define the kind of change they want and ensure that the change they finally elect is the one they can trust and relate with harmoniously, stressing that he has no doubt in his mind that this time around the people will consider capacity, capability, antecedent and preparedness, to be subject of scrutiny of the common man and woman in the constituency as they go to the polls to elect their representatives.

According to Oblong “In our own peculiar case, there are many corporate organizations with robust corporate social responsibility annual budget which could easily be tapped into to augment scarce government resources with a view to bringing about the improvement of the living standards of the people of the constituency.”

Based on one of the most harmful errors the people of his constituency had made in the past, Duruebube shared this little arithmetic with his people: “There are 365 days in a year and 4 years in the tenure of a member of the Federal House of Representatives, that translates to a total of 1,460 days in the 4 years. So when an aspirant gives you N150,000 to vote him in for the next 4 years and they are the type you cannot call him/her, socialise with him\Her, and/or talk to him/her and yet he\her is your representative; then remember that the N150,000 amounts only to N102.72 per day. This is far less than the one dollar poverty benchmark as prescribed by the World Bank. So when you agree to sell your votes again, know that you are not only keeping yourself below the poverty line but making it impossible for you to hold your representatives accountable.

Let’s think twice!”

Let’s do things differently

Board the Oblong 2019 train.



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