PRESS RELEASE: Governor Rochas Okorocha’s Dictatorial Democracy and Onslaught against Imo People.

25th April, 2018

The peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Imo State has observed with utter dismay, the continued onslaught against the people of Imo State and their means of livelihood by Governor Rochas Okorocha. This reprehensible, inhuman and repulsive aggression against the same people whom the governor ate their akara (bean cake), drank their sachets of pure water and hugged, prior to his election in 2011, is to say the least, beastly and unjustifiable.

It has to a large extent affirmed the PDP’s position that the All Progressive Congress (APC) and everybody associated with it, are out to only plunder and destroy. The APC and its leaders find joy in the pains of the ordinary man. They see power acquisition from the prism of winner-take-all where the masses are only meant to be seen as conquered people and not heard by the rulers. A visit to Douglas, Wtheral, Tetlow roads amongs others will attest to this fact.

Indeed, the plight of traders and business men and women, whose shops and business premises have been brazenly pulled down and looted in broad day light by the APC government backed thugs in Imo State is worrisome. The situation is even more appalling when reports indicated that the governor who is the Chief Security Officer of the state, in some instances, and in crude exhibition of raw power, supervised this wanton destruction of helpless and hapless Imo people’s businesses in this biting economic recession induced by the APC’s economic myopic and gross leadership incompetence.

The PDP views these acts of the governor and his thugs as not only callous but also a mark of ingratitude to Imo people. Governor Okorocha’s deployment of earth moving machines shielded by fierce looking security operatives against the business premises of defenceless Imo people equally shows how mean APC leaders can be. Obviously intoxicated by power, Governor Okorocha seems to forget there is judgement day for whatever deed any man does today. He forgets that the law of Karma, nemesis and retributive justice are still very efficacious.

While Imo business men and women as well as artisans are being hounded like common criminals by the governor, transporters in Imo State, on the hand, are also lamenting against the draconian policies of Okorocha’s government on them. There are wailing and lamentations all through the nooks and crannies of Imo State courtesy of Okorocha’s heartlessness.

Is it not cruel to compel taxi owners to pay N70,000.00 to the state government for mere painting of their taxi cabs when on their own, they can use N35,000.00 for such purpose? Refusal to obey this dictatorial order immediately results in the taxi vehicle being impounded by government thugs unleashed everywhere in Owerri capital city.

Even when they reluctantly comply, the common man and civil servants whose salaries have been slashed by 50% bear the brunt ultimately in form of astronomical hike in transport fares. The situation has even forced most taxi cab operators off the road, especially those who could not afford the wicked levy. This has in turn, compelled most Imolites to trek to and from their respective destinations, particularly, parents taking their children and wards to distant schools within the capital city. Yet, our governor does bart an eye lid.

Never in the history of governance in Imo State or in any State in Nigeria, for that matter, has there been this kind of dictatorial democracy as in the case in Imo under Okorocha. From available statistics, the mortality rate in Imo has risen sharply as a result of government’s inhuman indifference to the welfare and well being of the people. The number of ambulances operating in morgues across Owerri has risen by over 300% between 2011 and 2017.

It is our firm stance that Governor Rochas Ethelbert Anayo Okorocha will be remembered by posterity as a governor who ruled his people with the fist of steel. History will neither forgive nor judge him honourably.

However, the PDP appeals to Imo people not to despair but to look onto God Almighty for their salvation and consolation. The PDP believes that “no man however great, ever wins judgement against his own people”. Sooner than later, a day of reckoning will confront the people’s tormentor-in-chief and his evil deeds will hit back at him. As a responsible party, PDP will always align with the people because we believed strongly that power belongs to the people. Government exists for the people and without the people, there will be no government.

Governor Rochas Okorocha like King Macbeth has murdered sleep by his selfishly motivated onslaught against Imo business community. In his euphoria like Emperor Nero of Rome, he has forgotten that power is transient. He cannot be governor for life and very soon, the chickens will come home to roost.

We stand firmly with Imo People and the Almighty God is with us.

Long live PDP

Long live Imo State


Hon. Damian Oparah

Publicity Secretary, PDP, Imo State.


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