The attempt by president Muhammadu Buhari during his recent visit to America and the UK and the attempt by Senator Jegeri Alkali, leader of Miyetti Allah, to justify Fulani terrorism is as nauseating as it is repugnant.

How can a normal person with conscience, sense of responsibility and respect for human lives, give excuses for the unprovoked and unjustifiable aggression against a peace loving people in order to take over their land for the rearing of cattle?

The question is, why is Buhari lying to the world about Fulani herdsmen terrorism?

Why does the president of Nigeria prefer to characterise Fulani terrorists as armed bandits?

Why has President Buhari chosen to continue to repeat the lie that the Fulani herdsmen, who are ethnically cleansing villages in Nigeria are from Libya?

Every Nigerian who has watched the unfolding of this pogrom, knows that it is the Fulanis are the ones grazing their cattle in other peoples’ farms.

The Fulanis are the ones , killing people, attacking villages and burning them down.

The Fulanis are the ones saying it is their way or the high way.

The security forces have failed to react and respond the way honest security forces respond to such existential threats.

When I listen to Senator Jegeri Alkali leader of Miyetti Allah Association, the Minister of defence, the Inspector General of police, the army chief and chief of Defence Staff, I hear prevarication, insensitivity and dereliction of duties made audible.

What they say is that the solution is that people should hand over their ancestral lands to Fulanis from other west African countries to establish colonies from, where they will take over the place the way they took over Hausa land.

Buhari and his Fulani dominated government must think so little of the lives of those they are bent on eliminating to posses their land.

They government of Nigeria under President Mohammadu Buhari is responsible for this evolving genocide in Nigeria and if he does not use the army and police to protect innocentNigerians,He and him alone, must take responsibility for what will follow.

The Fulanis are attempting ancient land grab. They want to conquer and occupy. This is the inconvenient truth. It is as sad as it is frightening.

Buhari and APC know that Fulani terrorists are not from Libya. They are the kinsmen of Buhari, from other west African countries, who he is helping to secure territories in Nigeria.

Buhari is prepared to sacrifice thousands of Nigerian lives for his kinsmen to secure grazing grounds for cows and establish Fulani territories in Nigeria. This is treasonable, to say the least.

If Nigeria has a real democracy, Buhari, the defence Minister army and police chiefs should be in both the senate and National Assembly explaining, their response to this evolving pogrom. But Nigeria is not a real democracy. It is a contested territory which the Fulanis believe it is theirs’ to grab. The question remains, why has Nigerian government allowed Fulani herdsmen to arm? Why has the government failed to disarm them and treat their crimes with the same seriousness governments treat terrorism? What is special about Fulani terrorists that the president of Nigeria should use the security apparatus to protect and aid them?

If the terrorists are not Fulanis, why has the Nigerian government headed by a Fulani not sent in the army to do operation cow dance?

Why is Buhari misinforming the world in exactly the same way, he and many from the north were misinforming the world about Boko Haram, when the group was targeting only Christians and southerners.

Why is the defence minister, who is Fulani defending them? Why is the Nigerian security council made up of Fulanis on their side?

Why has the police, headed by a Fulani not been proactive in arresting and prosecuting them?

Why has the President, who is Fulani not demonstrated that he values the life of the victims?

Why would a democratic government allow terrorists from Libya to set up camps in the country, when it has the means to locate them with aerial surveillance and deal with them?

Fulani herdsmen terrorists and their sponsors, the Miyetti Allah, should understand that they are not the only people who know how to get AK47.

They should understand that they are not the only people, who know how to kill with guns.

Buhari should call off this Fulani land grab and stop using the army and police to protect Fulani terrorists, and at the same time using them to threaten and intimidate their victims. Buhari is destroying the faith of Nigerians in the country and the security agencies.

Buhari must now ensure justice by using the army and police to disarm Fulani terrorist and empower the people at risk to defend themselves. This is the only way he can demonstrate that he is not complicit in this evolving pogrom.

I believe that every Nigerian has a right to live in any part of the country to pursue happiness. However, no ethnic group should advance its sectarian interest by engaging in ethnic cleansing of another ethnic group as the Fulanis are doing.

It is time to end government of the Fulanis, by the Fulanis and for Fulanis. It is time to restructure Nigeria to give the six regions the power they need to developing an their pace under a constitution, written by the people and for the people. The abuse of the Power by Buhari to pursue sectarian objectives must now end and Buhari should govern for all Nigerians or resign. Enough of blood shed.

Eke O Eke

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