I feel so sorry for our youths in the middle belt but especially on the Plateau for the outright display of ignorance during the arraignment of Baba Jang. I am not of PDP or APC, but I have this to say to you all…if what defines your loyalty in your political pursuit or activities so far is party, tribal or individual affiliation, then I feel sorry for you, you are an illiterate of the 21st century (the illiterate of the 21st century according to Alvin Toffler will not be those who will not be able to read or write, they Will be those who will not be able to learn, unlearn, and relearn.)…. if with what happened yesterday, you are still talking along party and tribal lines then you are not relevant in the demonstration of faith towards building humanity for the development of the middle belt and Nigeria at large.

The northern oligarchy is happy seeing you displaying your ignorance in the open in support of the humiliation of an elder statesman not only on the Plateau but in the middle belt. Take it or leave it, Jang’s arrest was politically motivated and implemented by the APC administration using sons and daughters of the soil against each other…you are still a fool if you don’t understand what is happening to our dear former governor. Jang is not a saint and I know that. Truth is Buhari is not a saint. What is N6.3b unaccounted for by Jang compared to what Amechi has unaccounted for and what Tinubu has unaccounted for. I saw display of fools yesterday and an outright display of ignorance right here on this platform by your fights along party and tribal lines.

Remember January 1966, remember also October 1975 when Gowon was overthrown by men from the middle belt. Remember 1976 after a bloody coup that took away the life of Murtala….as bad as it was the coup plotters were arrested and killed but several innocent men from the middle belt who knew nothing about coup were also killed by an internal arrangements of men from the middle belt.

When are we gonna start loving ourselves and stop killing each other. When are we gonna stop being instruments in the hands of our enemies?…when will your eyes be opened to understand that the arrest of Jang is not about 6.3b but about the destiny of the middle belt? When will you understand that you are the next target? When will you understand that only Plateau united will conquer the enemies of the state? When will you learn to downplay your tribal and party affiliation and up play your human mind for the growth and development of Plateau?

Even though I belong to a party, I am not and will never be a die hard of any party (God forbid). But listen, I will on a daily basis, any day anytime anywhere be a die hard for humanity. Jang was arraigned and the case was presided by a judge from Plateau and the old man was refused bail, a constitutional right that he deserved…

PDP and APC youths go back to the school of history, then return to the gallery with enough information to fight (not protest) for your future, to fight for your children and fight for your country……

I am sick and tired of your ignorance….. SDK.



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