The cost of change by Livy-Elcon Emereonye.

Everything, including the minutest and unnoticeable change, has a cost – an opportunity cost. Change is not only a constant phenomenon but it is also something that can happen with or without our consent.

People, things, change for good or bad, better or worse, with lots of ripple effects. But whether we are actively involved or otherwise, we almost always, directly or indirectly, feel the effects and consequences of such radical, inevitable changes. This is because while we have control over certain things and may wish some things away, there are countless others we cannot influence and some of them even happen without our knowledge and approval.

Change is something that we have to accept – and every change comes at a price – so give it what it requires or demands to get the best of it and out of it for however we look at it, it is very inevitable and even lucrative only to them that believe and dare. Every change is a rare golden opportunity to the curious positive-minded person that looks for the good in every situation and circumstance. Think out of the box; be crazy with ideas, and everything including the worst, painful, change will become a goldmine waiting to be explored.

Our understanding of the inevitability and constancy of change will go a long way to prepare us for the task ahead, bearing in mind that change occurs every second at cost that must be paid in full by someone visible or invisible, known or unknown at the right time and place for efficiency and usefulness – and the effect speaks volume.

Life is a continuous process of change – and every encountered change can affect us positively or negatively. Negative changes drain our resources and come along with pains while positive ones have ways of putting smiles on our faces and possibly increase our resources with more degree of freedom and comfort. Whatever, the case, it is important to always learn the inherent, essential lessons, then adapt and adopt a better approach for a desired outcome. Your approach, however, will either make you a driver of change, a game changer or a victim of change tossed and driven by harsh winds of change!

Luck and chance can happen to anyone but in the final analysis, life is what we make it. So if you believe in luck but don’t get lucky, create your own lucks. Build the world you so much desire. For negative changes, look for the possibility and opportunity in pains, mistakes. Discover strength in weakness. Based on conviction but more on experience and learned acts, condition yourself towards desired changes, influencing the things you can while confidently accepting the ones you have no control over but with gladness and joy so as not be carried away unexpectedly.

Be curious and prepared to explore the unknown regardless of cost. Go out to seek and search for knowledge. Experience life in totality even amidst mistakes and failures – they are integral parts of life. Have self esteem, affirm with confidence, and possibilizing the impossible will be a routine. Dare to be different. Make things happen.

A good knowledge of agriculture – the law of sowing and reaping – is very necessary to have and enjoy life while it lasts. This is because as it is with seeds so it is with human beings. There is time for everything; there is time for every season – and to every season is a reason. Prepare ahead of time for the inevitable, tough and discouraging difficulties that must come but don’t forget that to every disadvantage, there is a corresponding advantage; to every problem lies its solutions! Preparing for, and accepting the inevitabilities of change, confers certain priceless advantages necessary for great exploits and fulfillment. Pay the price and now.

The world may cry for or with you but the bitter truth is that only you will bear and suffer your pains. Therefore, strive to make positive changes for a better tomorrow. But to effect a change, positive impactful change, you must go extra miles, putting up with denials, sacrifices and even attacks, sometimes, also from loved ones and those you confided in. Good enough the taste of betrayal, and the experience thereof, makes the victim stronger, wiser and better.

Take the bold step towards changing the things you don’t like and every other step will become easy, simple. Do that which you fear. Embrace the toughest option. Like ups and downs, we have our low and high points that change with time but definitely at a cost as there is no free thing, not even free meal, anywhere in the world for someone, somewhere, paid or is paying for the so called freebies!

The conscious demand for change – positive, progressive change – with the will, willingness and competence to carry out such desire is the unique trademark of sound mind that is not comfortable and satisfied with the status quo.

Yes, if we can aid and pay the right price for change, we can cushion the effects of harsh realities and make life, living, more meaningful.

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