Changing the power equation by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

If it is true that the people, and by extension every generation, get the leader (ruler) they deserve then there is no need for anyone to complain about bad system and bad government – we should rather accept our fate and then do the needful. It can’t be better except when we get into the ring to wrestle power for the common good of the majority. Challenge the status quo and you change the narrative. Power is not given; power is rather taken – and by force.

The struggle for power is not a jamboree party, so don’t sit in your comfort zone and expect things to change for better. The contest for power involves, among other things, a master class on stratagem and strategies. It involves actively thinking outside the box and doing ordinary things extra-ordinarily – and it worth the effort, the stress.

No price is too much for power – and every route to it is indeed rough and tough. There is no shortcut so be prepared if you must become powerful. Device your means and follow it. In the power game, the end justifies the means – and in our clime, those with power are mini gods.

Power, and what power can do, has made mockery of many faiths and ideologies – and those on corridors of power especially where abuse is inevitable, most times make things worse. By their acts and conducts, they easily lead the man of power astray after luring him into temptations. In politics of sycophancy, vices can easily be made virtues – and the hearing of such tales will not only make one insensitive but can also tempt the person, especially the little mind, to play God. When a man is persistently told, verbally and non verbally, by minions and wicked power contractors that his evils are good, he becomes an unrepentant evil doer; when a leader continuously swim in the ocean of evil deeds, he transits into a ruler and ends up becoming worse than the devil. At this point, he can do everything humanly possible to retain power and remain relevant in the power equation, forgetting that we are important only but for a while!

But the society decays, and ceases to exist, that keeps quiet to misrule and bad governance. It is actually not those that do evil that are the great enemy of humanity but those who chose to remain indolent and indifferent to evil machinations and deeds. The worst human is he who urges, aids, others into evil. It shall never be well with him.

To resist evil, and change the narrative for better, one must be resolute in toeing the right path; regardless of the challenges, be up and doing. There is the need to have and develop a sublime mindset that sees things broadly, differently, with global view point. There is the need to seek knowledge, good knowledge, at all cost – and with it, one will know of global best practices with the caveat that nothing good comes easy – and this knowledge is the priceless tool for daring the impossible. It equips for greatness and directs for freedom. With this sound knowledge, where there is injustice ask, “why not justice”; where there is bondage, ask for liberty; to poverty, seek affluence while seeing advantage in every disadvantage… become an epitome of equity and effigy of fairplay.

When and where freedom is seen as a non negotiable human right, everything could be done to change bad policies and challenge bad government. When people know and enjoy their rights, they would have no option than to maintain and defend a good system in a civil society otherwise there will be the demand for change.

The demand to change the status quo begins with just one person whose persistence to right the wrong would lead to a tumultuous agitation and revolution – and every unselfish revolution brings about the desired change for better.

Are you contented and satisfied with the status quo? If No, change the narratives. Start a revolution – civil and civilized revolution. Rise up to change the narrative. Study the system to know what should work but is not working – and when you do, come up with a better, workable alternative. Don’t just oppose but also propose something good and meaningful. As you do, with time, you will have multitude of followers with whom you can change the system.

But be very careful. To oppose an establishment is more like embarking on a suicide mission – you would be attacked from every angle by so many people including loved ones that were bought at very expensive prices. You would encounter much betrayal but don’t lose focus; don’t chicken out as long as you are on the path of justice and equity. Above all, never forget that you are responsible for your own success so go out to change the story with a better narrative; alter the power equation with counter narratives.

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