Funny things of life by Livy-Elcon Emereonye

An absolute, unprotected intercourse with nature, among other things, will expose one to very painful but invaluable experience in life. The end of the exercise often leaves the curious active participant tired and exhausted at the height orgasm with the need for rest, refreshment and re-energization but after a while, the circle probably with more pressing urge and style would be sought again, in search of joy amidst pains.

Like eating and defecating, waking and sleeping, which is a must for normal living process, every human endeavour and pursuit looks more like a continual process but always come to abrupt end, proving the helplessness and hopelessness of human life. Yes, death puts automatic end to human desires, aspirations and achievements.

While we pray, crave and work for our best even at the expense of others, certain things will always happen to prove the frailty nature and total dependence of human life on other forces, thereby making mockery of the dream path. We can aspire for the best and even inspire many generations but cannot make or give life. We can seize the moment and the momentum to dictate the pace and enjoy the stage while it lasts but we cannot delay or fast-forward the hand of time. No one can have it all. Yes, everyone has a lack, a need. We all have challenges and problems. As our faces differ so are our needs, lacks, problems and troubles โ€“ and in seeking solutions, each of them made us conscious and dependent on someone or something, oftentimes the Supernatural One โ€“ God.

Those with nauseating trait of arrogance often end up like deflated balloon โ€“ used and wasted. Yes, when someone, out of false sense of importance, manipulate others or trample things with foot of ignorance and stupidity, he would end up being treated as a waste even by his close associates and partners in crime at the harvest โ€“ and the moment one becomes of no use, no relevance, he would be treated shit so do everything possible to dictate and command some degree of importance.

The world is big for everyone to coexist, doing exploit โ€“ and it gives everyone a fair share but not necessarily equal opportunities (accident of birth is enough evidence) except for those who dare and go out doing things extra-ordinarily who must be compensated without fear or favour, may be by the conscience because there is always a price and a prize for every action and inaction.

In the real sense, there is nothing like ignorance because Karma is a bitch. Whatsoever a man sows, he must reap. What we give is often what we get. Those with the penchant for destroying others end up being mercilessly destroyed. The hunter will be hunted and preyed upon at the appointed time and space โ€“ this is the summary of sowing and reaping.

Human beings are very funny and unpredictable. They are modest, humble when they are in need. They shout loudest when they are victims but may keep grave silence when they are not involved or affected. The rationality of our thought is affected by our position which invariably defines and determines our action. With a change in status, many people make mockery of what they represented, speaking from two sides of the mouth and singing new disconcordant song that is injurious to the ears.

The society โ€“ our society โ€“ will be a better place if we treat others the way we would love to be treated. If we can assumptiously put ourselves into other peopleโ€™s position, our approach, most times would change for better but it is not the path most people toe. To some people, may be the majority, the end justifies the means โ€“ and as long as their interest is taking care of, every other person can go to hell. But then wishes are not horses.

With all the strife, all the manipulations, all the positions and all the possessions, what have we really enjoyed that we can hold unto forever? What impact have we made that can outlive us? What are we doing now to correct past mistakes and avoid a possible repeat? Can you do things right and dare the consequences? Giving the opportunity, can you give your life in defence of human rights and justice? There is nothing anyone can eat and swallow his teeth along with it.

The more I study human life, the more I come to the realization that we are indeed nothing as both the rich and the poor, the leader and the led, man and woman, old and young, have a c common fate – we live to die; and at the point of death, our beingness, our position, our status, our possessions, our pains, our lacks, our worries, our fears become very useless. With or without befitting burial or even the denied of the six-foot ritual, we die to nourish the earth!

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