I have read severally the very twisted narratives of Buhari’s remarks during the budget signing ceremony and attempts by his social media vuvuzela’s to pass the buck for their failures/ incompetence to the NASS. I just could not help shaking my head in utter disgust.

Kindly note that this piece is in no way any attempt to hold brief for the NASS or deliberate/debate on the appropriation powers of the NASS as enshrined in the constitution. (Factually and based on what is obtained in sane climes, a majority of the people in the National Assembly are so selfish/ruderless and have no business being their in the first instance)

This piece is clearly aimed at exposing the hollowness, deceit, evil and propaganda of the FGN in their apparent/lame attempt to hoodwink a very gullible mass of our people, using their e-vuvuzelas and sophisticated morons in the social media.


Buhari during his budget signing speech accused the NASS of holding back his plans of completing several critical key infrastructure projects in Nigeria by slashing a cumulative sum of N11.5 billion from the identified projects.

The Projects sighted/ listed in Buhari’s written speech included the following:

1. Second Niger Bridge Project-Total Project cost N214 billion.

While, FGN counterpart funding to the project is N70b.

2. Mambila Power Project-N1.79trillion

3. Lagos-Ibadan Express Road-N69billion

4. Bonny-Boddo Road Rivers-N120billion

5. Itakpe- Ajaokuta Rail Project-N54.6billion

6. East-West Road-N142billion

7. Enugu Airport building –N2billion.

Total Projects Cost: N2trilion.


The N11billion that the FGN claimed was cut off from these projects valued at N2.027trillion , which they claim may stall its implementation represents just about 0.57% of the total project costs.

Out of these identified projects with total value of N2.027trillion, only N72billion was to be FGN commitments to projects sited in the South East. This is just a paltry 3%.

I am so angry that some of our brothers from the SE, out of mischief, Buharistan antics and desire to augment their stomach infrastructure needs, have gone to town to deceive our people that the NASS stopped Buhari’s good intention for the SE and the rest of Nigeria.

The Second Niger Bridge Project is not even the sole project of the FGN. It is an N214billion PPP project in which the FGN has counterparts funding interest of only N70billion. Recall again that it is a toll project that Ndi Igbo will pay for, unlike the other freebie projects in other parts of Nigeria.

What is stalling/delaying the Second Niger Bridge Project is the inability of the FGN to provide its counterpart funding of N70billion. So what stopped Buhari and Fashola from taking just N70billion from the over N11trillion debts they have incurred over the last 3 years into an escrow account to support this project since 2015?

To upgrade the Enugu Airport to true international status with basic facilities (longer/ new runways, landing facilities etc.) to operate will require about N32billion not N2billion.

Owerri Airport is also in dire need to be upgraded to full international commercial passenger and cargo status because of the volume of traffic and connectivity there. Owerri Airport has more traffic and activies than Kano, Kaduna, and all the 8 International Airports sited in the North. Ndi Igbo are not fools. Nigerians are also not fooled. We are not fooled by APC tokenisms, lies and propaganda.

Finally, what capital amounts did the FGN actually provide in the 2018 budget to finance these N2.017trillion projects mentioned?

Nigeria can easily build 5000-10,000 kilometers rail network projects and infrastructure across the length and breadth of Nigeria valued at over $16-$32billion/N9.7trillion in the next 5-7 years under Robust PPP arrangements if we have a creative and thinking government in place. (Shame to the devil and his blind agents in Nigeria.)

Please next time, they share these lies in any social media platform about the NASS holding back their hands by a paltry N11billion cut out of N2.027trillion, kindly copy and post this piece there to shame them.

We must continue to expose these Liars and Propagandists.

Obiaraeri, Nnaemeka Onyeka

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