‘Confused Fulani Jihadist will loose in Nigeria ‘s 2nd Civil War

Kanem Borno empire had early contact with Trans Sahelian Arab traders and thus became Muslims centuries before Othman Dan Fodio immigrated from Fouta Jallon in the present Guinea to Gobir.

Kanem Borno resisted the evil plans of the Fulani to Islamise Kanuri people as already Muslims. There was no rational for the jihad. The only reason for the jihad just as it happened among the unsuspecting and naive Hausa communities was to enslave the entire northern people.

Typical of some wicked fulani leaders, once a Fulani but not all of them becomes the head of an establishment, he plots against other tribes and initiate killings.

IBB knew this and he with other Muslims overthrew Buhari, a full blooded fulani.

Abacha, a Kanuri dethroned the Sultan of Sokoto because Abacha to exert Kanuri superiority and independence from Fulani.

I want to blame Obasanjo and Tinubu who ignorantly allowed Buhari to become president. After Ahmadu Bello, there has not been any fulani national leader except Buhari. The fulani have a golden utopian dream of establishing themselves in at least 33 states of Nigeria as indegenous groups in the next 10 years so that they pepertually rule Nigeria.

They know that Buhari is weak and therefore a good tool to manipulate and achieve this bloody plan. Consequently, they are prepared to kill and ensure that Buhari is rigged back to power.

Atiku is not full blooded Fulani unlike Bamanga Tukur. Atiku is not trusted by the Fulani because he blends with Christians freely. He made Boni Haruna Governor and has married Christian wives.

The agenda is to take control of the security and oil/gas wealth of Nigeria. While this is happening, Buhari will be sold as an incorruptible and peaceful man .

Igbos must not be deceived by Buhari with a porous promise of APC giving them Presidency in 2023! Tinubu is a political neophyte unlike Obasanjo who knows the depth of the evil plot.

Allah forbids, if Nigerians allow Buhari to return to power in 2019, killings will extend from Benue to Calabar, Port Harcourt, Umuahia and Abeokuta.

Benue, Taraba and Plateau people must be united aginst the coming pogrom in their states. What is happening now is just rehearsals of what will befall them if Buhari rigs himself back to power.

Tiv people must remain resolute to fight for their land. They should know that it’s a deliberate campaign to kill them and turn around and lie that it’s Tiv killing Tiv.

Who is killing plateau people? Who is reponsible for all the killings from Zamfara to Nimbo in Enugu state?

May I conclude that we the Kunari are suffering from Boko Haram which is sponsored by Fulani leaders. How comes Boko Haram is not attacking Sokoto?

Let us be united against this tiny tribe which uses Islam to mobilise ignorant smaller tribes in the north to kill others. We the Kanuri will not accept this evil.’

*These are not my words though*

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