Enough Of This Bloodshed!

By Igwenyere Christian Obioma

In our editorial today, Ogene Ndigbo talks about the level of

killings in the country since the inception of Muhammadu Buhari administration. On this note, the newspaper says, “enough is enough”.

It is very saddening that things have turned red since Muhammadu Buhari came into office in 2015, and he is ready with his team to make things turn redder. Nigeria is in shambles, anyone who argues otherwise is on the wrong side of history- and these are the people that will be perpetually tormented by the evils of this era of Nigeria. Every democracy underscores the cardinal goal of human life which includes protecting or saving life. Since Muhammadu Buhari came into office in 2015, him and the All Progressive Congress party; have continued to cajole sacredness of life in Nigeria- if you are reading this article and your goals are the gains of this government in Nigeria, surely; this article is your nightmare today. Probably, few connections you have made in this administration have made you an opportunist, maybe you can now raise a million Naira, or perhaps; pay for your car or a motorcycle, so you no longer have any case against the government. But I promise you, if you are on the side of this regime that has no reverence to human life or rights to life, you do not need to read beyond this line- this article will be so upsetting, frightening, terrifying and unpleasant to you.

Since 29th day of May 2015, over twenty-five (25) cities in Nigeria have been turned into pools of human bloods by the swords of notorious Fulani terrorists. And that statistics will rise as long as Buhari`s government go around international communities with his APC stalwarts telling their audience that these herders are not terrorists rather herdsmen with only sticks and clubs.

How do we pray in the morning and sleep in the night asking God to bless Nigeria- when this government is curse to Nigeria?

As people around the world who had seen how the Fulanis suddenly become horrific grasshoppers destroying lives and vegetation in Nigeria since the President came to power are sobering and lamenting over Nigeria, is it not obvious that God Himself who hates injustice, oppression, bloodshed and intimidation is also not happy with Nigeria? Should people not rise against this regime in Nigeria which is controlled by individuals that are not more humans than those whose bloods were spattered on the streets of Plateau, Enugu, Edo, Kogi, Benue, Nassarawa, Adamawa, to mention just a few? I call on Nigerians to resist this oppression. As long as Muhammadu Buhari`s government sees no reason to name these herdsmen terrorists- people who are brutally killing and maiming the population of Nigeria, those who believe in the cooperate existence of Nigeria must understand that this time is not the right time to be a Nigeria. If a handful of Fulani herdsmen who carry guns openly in the streets would go unprosecuted, unchecked, unsupervised and with no military fighting their insurgency; then Nigeria needs more than local militias and vigilante groups to fight them. Could you imagine the seventy-three (73) people that were killed in Benue State including the Reverend Fathers, had lives just like you and I? Think about the number of people that was killed recently in Plateau State- those people and others that died since the rise of this insurgency in 2015 had lives before.

So why should the government of Nigeria refuse to declare them terrorists? Since Muhammadu Buhari came to office, countless of times we have seen herders crossed major cities and streets with their cattle and guns, in direct opposite to city rules. Where do these people get their guns? Who are the ones providing the weapons to these nomads? Why are they allowed to carry guns when civilian population in Nigeria is forbidding owning guns? Buhari`s regime by nodding towards these terrorist activities, is shattering the bricks that remain in the foundation of Nigeria. Recall when I wrote in 2014 that Nigeria`s breakup would be initiated by northerners, and they would beg for it. Enough is enough, Nigerians should resist Buhari, he is not the solution to the cooperate existence of Nigeria. We have seen that he is so eager to protect his 97%, but sadly, his 97% is not the life of the entire Nigeria. Enough is enough; everyone should resist this regime and its shades of evil.

Few days ago, I had a heated argument with a politician who licks the foot of this APC regime. Through the lines of my argument with him, I realized he had sowed his heart and soul to the evils of this regime. Rather than join well-meaning Nigerians to cite the ills of this government, and because this regime has noticed him; probably he now could buy new cloths and have few money in his account to jolt in and out of Nigeria, he has chosen to praise and celebrate the deaths of many Nigerians in the hands of Fulani herdsmen- incidences that call for sorrow, reflection and outcry.

I hate it when Buhari`s pundits tell me that Nigeria has moved forward with this APC regime than twenty (20) years ago. This assertion is very regretful. Succinctly put, in 1998; the price of petrol per liter in Nigeria was about 11 Naira. The amount of one dollar to Nigeria was about 17 Naira. Even in the heat of PDP`s regime in 2009, a bag of cement was 900 Naira. Between 2000 -20004 (duration of my first degree in Ebonyi State University Abakaliki), the tuition fee for non-indigenous students was 8000 Naira. A tin of Bournvita, Milo, etc., ranged from 50 – 1200 Naira. In the heat of Obasanjo`s regime in Nigeria, 1000 Naira could buy so many things in the market- so the value of Naira was still very strong in the market. Until Goodluck Ebere Jonathan left office in 2015, a liter of patrol fluctuated between 65-80 Naira. The Naira could still purchase a lot items in the market. Until 2015, the value of life remained sacred with Boko Haram, religious crisis in the north, and Niger Delta militants as the major security challenges in Nigeria.

Now what has changed is a lot- virtually the country is on physical lock down. What can 1000 Naira buy in the market in Buhari`s Nigeria?

The incessant killings of Nigerians in the hands of cattle herders became a national glory with Muhammadu Buhari`s ascendancy to the presidency. It does not really pain me that Nigeria`s economy is not doing well neither is the social life getting better, it pisses me off that the glory of human life has being reduced to the life of a cattle in Buhari`s Nigeria. Rather than limiting the activities of the herders to a ranch system, Buhari`s government resolved to create cattle routes in many states to deepen the rate of human damage in the country. Whoever that prophesied that Muhammadu Buhari was the Messiah of Nigeria did not get that prophecy from God. I believe by now anyone who prayed for Buhari`s victory in 2015 is sobering and regretting.

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