We have read with dismay the claim by governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State that two governors of the South East extraction elected on the platform of People’s Democratic Party would join APC before the 2019 elections.

Raising from zonal emergency meeting of zonal working committee of PDP in South East held in Enugu,Enugu state on Friday, we react as follows

(1) The latest claim by the mouthy governor of Imo state that two PDP governors from the south East zone will join the disillusioned APC who has inflicted pains and agony on the people of Nigeria is a statement of a drowning man.

(2) Governor Rochas Okorocha’s failure to mention the names of the two PDP governors or their states he claimed would join him in his anti masses APC is a clear testimony that the Imo governor is not only a big liar but one who is now into nollywood movies .

(3) The questions that come into mind when such an unfounded claim is made by Okorocha who has for seven years run Imo aground is that what is attractive about APC that would warrant two out of the three hard working governors of PDP in South East join APC?.

(4) Is Okorocha who is the only APC governor in the south East attractive to warrant any governor, especially those of them elected on the platform of purpose driven PDP in a zone that is dominated by our members join him?. Apart from destroying Imo state, Okorocha has turned Imo economy to his family treasure. He is also in a war with the people of the state to take over Imo treasure perpetually by trying to force his son in law, Uche Nwosu as the next governor of the state.

(5) Of a time when the people of the South East are determined to elect PDP governors in Imo and Anambra states,none of the three PDP governors of Abia,Enugu and Ebonyi states would consider APC as a safe haven.

(6)Apart from being an anathema in South East, APC is a rejected party in Nigeria. Apart from the operation python dance one and two, which the APC led federal government used in killing uncountable number of Igbos, there is no legacy of the party in the zone .

(7) A comparative analysis between Imo which is being governed by APC or any of the PDP governed states in South East would testify that APC is a visionless, tactless, draconian, corrupt, greedy and anti democracy party.

(8) What will attract anybody to a party Okorocha has impeached two deputy governors on trumped up charges?. What would attract any PDP governor to a party where Okorocha has subjugated pensioners and civil servants to slaves. A state Okorocha has reduced Ezeship to a boy-boy affair?

(9) Under Okorocha as governor, Imo is now a laughing stock before comity of States. The only legacy Okorocha has is the erection of statutes of corrupt world leaders. Under Okorocha, people’s means of livelihood are destroyed in the name of urban renewal program. Under Okorocha, no road in Imo is in a good condition. Under Okorocha,the Okorochas are overnight billionaires. Under Okorocha, the Imo state government house in Owerri is now an extended family house of the Okorochas. The Okorochas own 90 percent of the choice properties in Owerri, including hotels, filling stations, lands, boutiques, business plazas, estates, companies, eatery outfits and so on. We ask again, what is attractive about APC except corruption, greed, avarice and political desperation?

(10) We therefore urge our teeming supporters across the five States of South East and Nigerians at large not to take seriously the latest claim by the garrulous Imo governor. The same governor had two years ago claimed that three South East governors were joining APC and two years on, the claim is still an illusion or better still a fiction. We have therefore come to believe that the Imo governor is a movie star who unfortunately found himself in politics. He is a victim of diarrhea of the mouth and suffers from “ibeiberalism ”

(11) PDP is determined to win convincingly in all the States of the South East, including Imo which Okorocha has deliberately misled. We are also determined to reclaim Aso Rock in 2019.


Dr Chijioke Ekwegh,

Acting PDP Publicity Secretary,

South East zone

August 10/08/18.

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