Let’s go down Memory Lane on what really happened

A lie told repeatedly will start sounding like a truth to the ear of people. Ordinarily we should have waved this issue aside but when you continuously lie against someone who did nothing to you other than show you love then it becomes something to worry about, what really happened in the 2015 general elections should have been in the past but you cannot talk about the future without treating the past. Now to the trending issue at hand, we read with dismay yesterday an online publication made by our own big brother and friend IfeanyiCy Njoku where he alleged that Sam daddy betrayed Ihedioha and PDP for not winning Ikeduru for PDP in 2015, many people have been told the lie that Sam daddy betrayed Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha and of course his own Party the peoples Democratic Party in 2015, for clarity sake Senator Sam daddy has never left PDP since his sojourn to mainstream politics in 2003 when he first became a transition commitee chairman.

In 2015 general elections Sen Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu won 9/9 local government Areas of Owerri zone to become a Senator, but people say Ihedioha made Sam daddy senator and he is paying him back with betrayal and we ask HOW? How did Ihedioha make Sam daddy senator? Let’s assume Ihedioha “delivered” the three Mbaise Local government Areas for Sam daddy, is that enough to win the senatorial seat considering the fact that Owerri Zone still have 6 more local government? Can 3/9 make one a senator? The truth of the Matter is that people voted massively for PDP because of Jonathan and that’s why PDP won 3/3 senatorial seats in Imo, 8/10 house of representatives seats in Imo, When Jonathan lost that election people’s morale became low, the mobilisation for the gubernatorial elections became poor and that lose affected PDP negatively, if truly one can win the Senate seat with only Mbaise votes or that of Ngor Okpala or Lets assume again that Ihedioha makes people senator why did PDP lose 2011 Owerri senatorial seat to an APGA candidate Sen Chris Anyanwu knowing too well that Senator Chris Anyanwu and Ihedioha weren’t on same page, why didn’t he deliver Kema Chikwe who was the PDP candidate or did he work against PDP?

It has been alleged in some quarters that because Sam daddy is from Ikeduru local government area and as such under no circumstances should PDP have lost the gubernatorial election in that local government in 2015, let’s set the records straight, Sam daddy before he won the senatorial seat was just A house of Assembly member, PDP had a house of representatives member who had been in the house for 12 solid years and represented Ikeduru/Mbaitolu federal constituency, why didn’t Bethel Amadi who was a gubernatorial aspirant in 2015 “Deliver” PDP in these two local governments he represented for 12yrs? Why must the blame be on Sam daddy who was only a house of Assembly member for only Ikeduru? Today Hon Ezenwa Francis Onyewuchi who is the house of Representatives member representing Owerri federal constituency is a friend to Rt.Hon Emeka Ihedioha and it’s not being considered a betrayal, do not forget also that in 2015 Onyewuchi was an incumbent house of reps member representing Owerri Municipal, Owerri North and Owerri West local government Areas, why did he not deliver the three local government Areas for PDP in the governorship election, Onyewuchi lost his Owerri North Local government to APGA, did Onyewuchi betray Ihedioha/PDP? Why are they now friends? Why is he (Ihedioha) now supporting Onyewuchi for senate knowing fully well that the man in question did not win any local government for PDP even as an incumbent?

Let’s go over to Okigwe zone, The day Senator Sam daddy won his senatorial seat was same day Senator Nneji Athan Achonu won his senate seat too, but PDP lost in Ehime Mbano local government Area the immediate council Area of Athan and indeed the entire Okigwe zone except Isiala Mbano were PDP won with slim margin, why is Athan not being Considered a betrayer? Why did he not deliver Ehime Mbano to PDP? Even Hon. Obinna Onwubuariri who has openly endorsed Emeka Ihedioha for governor won his seat on same day Sam daddy won his but PDP lost two of the three local governments he is representing today, does it also mean Obinna worked against PDP? Why the hate on Sam daddy? Even Obowo where the DG of Emeka Ihedioha campaign Organization comes from PDP also lost there, He also betrayed the Party right?

Orlu zone is not left out, there are 4 house of representatives seats in the zone, PDP won 3 and of course the senatorial seat but lost the gubernatorial election in the zone, it was only in Ohaji-Egbema and Oguta that PDP won with slim margins, Hon. Jones Onyereri who was an incumbent house member could not deliver the 4 local governments he represents for PDP but Ihedioha is supporting him for Senate today, why are they friends today since he couldn’t win any local government for him? Why is he not being called a betrayer? Jerry Alagbaoso won his house of representatives seat and was also an incumbent but PDP lost the three local governments he was representing, why is Jerry not called a betrayer today? Even the senator couldn’t deliver his own local government for PDP, also let’s not forget that Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha’s running mate in that election Hon. Chuma Nnaji lost his own local government Area to APC, did Chuma Nnaji also betray Ihedioha? Or the party to the detriment of his dream/ambition of becoming the deputy governor? today they still whine and dine together, they are still friends politically, but Sam daddy should be the one to be crucified because PDP lost Ikeduru.

Having reeled out the facts above it now clear to everyone that in 2015 Sam daddy did not betray the PDP, what happened in 2015 was that PDP parraded many unpopular house of Assembly candidates, for instance in our local government Area Ihitte/Uboma one Harold Wilson could have been a better candidate to the person that lost that election who was the PDP candidate, same scenario played out in Ikeduru, Okigwe and many other local governments do not also forget that with a popular house of Assembly candidate it boasts the votes of the governorship candidate it happened in Isiala Mbano were PDP’s candidate was popular and it made PDP to win that local government both the house and governorship and it is on record that Isiala Mbano is the only local government that PDP won in 2015 in the entire Okigwe zone.

People should stop telling lies, tell People the truth always, if they want to vote you they will, the same camp spreading this lies has also said Sam daddy supported Sheriff in the PDP chairmanship tussle and we ask how? The PDP executives till date from Owerri zone where Sam daddy represents were signed personally by him and all of them were of the Markafi camp, how then was he supporting Sheriff? Because he was busy at the National Assembly and didn’t have time to be in the media also does not mean he was sitting on the fence, the Same camp brought the propaganda of oath taking which also indicted the State chairman Barr. Charles Ezekwem, all these were in a desperate moves to discredit the distinguished senator who has enjoyed massive support, goodwill and endorsement since he declared for governorship in March this year.

People should start taking responsibilities for their misfortune and stop blaming people for their woes, 2015 governorship loss for PDP was more about the product and not the marketers.

Copied and edited.

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