In about two months from now, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) will be going into the primaries to elect their Presidential, Governorship, National Assembly and State Assembly candidates ahead next years general elections.

Move around the length and breadth of the state, from Ideator North to Ngor-Okpalla, Onuimo to Ohaji-Egbema, Owerri Municipal to Obowo and Orsu to Ikeduru, and you will see the desire and enthusiasm of the people to have PDP back in power in the State and everywhere.

This desire is not without base, as the people have suffered untold hardship in the hands of the outgoing government of APC here in the past seven (7) years they have been on the saddle.

However, the people’s disenchantment over the state of affairs in Imo will be a mirage if we don’t handle our affiliations with the respective Governorship, National Assembly and State Assembly aspirants with utmost care, caution and decorum.

It wont be healthy for the party, for any of her faithfuls to create any unnecessary rift within by claiming who has the capacity to win (for example) the Governorship and who hasn’t got it.

For the avoidance of doubt, I believe strongly that any of our aspirants who picks the ticket has the capacity to win the main elections for the Party against any opponent and this is the message we have to be imbibing to the electorate. The fight we have to face should not be within, rather against who comes out from other political parties.

If Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi and Seriake Dickson could win Governorship elections in Enugu and Bayelsa States respectively as House of Reps members, why can’t Prof. Jude Njoku as a former Vice Chancellor of FUTO, Hon Tony Nwulu as present House of Reps member, Sen. Samuel Anyanwu as a sitting Senator, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha as immediate past Speaker of the Fed House, Sen Athan Achonu whose electoral victory was stolen through the barrel of the gun, and the legal luminary Barr Ekomaru (SAN) win the Governorship polls in Imo if any of them wins the primaries?

Anybody who flies such expensive information to the electorate is not a party loyalist and is most likely to work against the party if his/her preferred aspirant doesn’t win the primaries. That will be anti-party.

Let’s not forget that we are in opposition, whereby we have to fight and resist govt forces. If we have all felt the pains of not winning the Governorship in Imo since 2011, then we should be very mindful of what we tell the electorate as to who can win it and who can’t.

It might interest us to know that between these aspirants, they fraternize and throw banters with each other, wine and dine together, meet at functions etc without showing disdain to each other, hence I don’t see why their followers should start overheating the polity this early morning or feed their Principals with blatant lies and false accusations. This is absolutely a whirlwind that blows no one any good.

We have to learn from the past and eschew bitterness, rancor and hatred so that we can prosecute the general elections as a united front, under the shade of our big umbrella.

I appeal that we remain resolute, united, focused and keep our eyes on the ball, while we also strategize fully for the big game next year. We don’t have to be depleted in this struggle.

I do also strongly believe that the primaries will be conducted free and fair on a level playing ground, hence we have no other choice that to put all hands on deck and support all our candidates when they emerge.

This piece will not be ended without giving thumbs up to our aspirants, who have through their resources kept the party alive in their respective Wards, LGA’s and the State. You have all so far shown capacity, dexterity, zeal and love for PDP.

This is the ONLY way we can return to winning ways in the elections.

This is our Chance.

Power To The People – PDP.

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