How Saraki “Died” for Jonathan to “Live” Again – By Chidi Nwobodo.

For the first three years of the APC administration at the center, former president Goodluck Jonathan was blamed for all the ills, failures and blunders of President Buhari’s government. Jonathan was “responsible” for Buhari’s seemingly confusion and protracted delay in choosing his cabinet members—ministerial appointees. It took President Buhari six consecutive months to make up his mind on who would be part of Federal Executive Council (FEC), headed by him. This is the same man who had contested for the president for 12 years before luck smiled on him in 2015. Yet Jonathan was blamed for lack of Buhari’s preparedness to govern.

President Buhari waited for over two years of his administration before constituting boards of federal government MDAs. Jonathan was called names and abused by the APC; its hordes of supporters and the presidency, for what was a conspicuous display of gross incompetence and lack of capacity to lead on the part of President Buhari. The APC alleged that remnants of the PDP loyalists cum Jonathan sympathizers in the government were the ones “frustrating” Buhari’s change agenda. Yet Buhari who had (still has) all the powers to fire and hire was exonerated, while Jonathan that left power over three years ago was blamed for Buhari’s cluelessness and sheer inefficiency.

Jonathan was “accused” for not allowing President Buhari to fill over 50 vacant positions of chief executive officers of government agencies and departments that had (still have) acting chief executive officers. Jonathan was “blamed” for inability of Buhari to sack his service chiefs that had for a long time, ran out of ideas on how to tackle Nigeria’s worsened security challenges. Even when the vendetta mission, packaged as anti-corruption war started collapsing in the face of the law, presidency heaped the blames on Jonathan’s loyalists as “corruption fighting back”.

The well-oiled media onslaught against the personality of Jonathan continued unabated until Senate President Bukola Saraki came in and “took the cross” from Jonathan. All of sudden, President Buhari’s handlers in Villa, the APC and hypnotized supporters of the government shifted their arsenal of propaganda cum attacks from Jonathan to Saraki. No one talked of Jonathan again. Saraki became the new launchpad and soft target. Saraki stepped into the big shoe of blame wore by Jonathan, and subsequently metamorphosed into a formidable “clog” on the wheels of progress of a failed administration.

President Buhari’s ineptitude in budget preparation and implementation was blamed on Saraki-led Senate. The budget padding orchestrated by the cabals in Villa was hung on the neck of Saraki. A whopping sum of N30 billion was inserted into the budget by the cabal—even after National Assembly had passed the budget. And Senator Enyinnaya Abareibe got arrested for exposing this humongous fraud. Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun’s NYSC certificate scandal was blamed on Saraki-led National Assembly by Buhari’s supporters. Buhari Media Center insinuated that NASS knew about the scandal but was using it to blackmail Adeosun to approve money for them. And yet they have not told Nigerians why the Adeosun is still in office months after the scandal broke out.

The cabal in conspiracy with new hitman of APC, Adams Oshiomhole planned a coup against senate leadership. When the NASS invasion backfired, Saraki who was supposed to be the victim, became the “oppressor” according to APC’s propagandists. Buharists blamed him for planning to overthrow himself, just to “embarrass” the government. Wonders shall never end! All of a sudden, Lawal Daura, the sacked DG of DSS was said to be taking orders from a supposedly “enemy of the regime”. I never knew Saraki was this “powerful”.

The “Industrial-Scale” corruption called INEC’s budget that was submitted to the presidency in January this year; en route National Assembly entered into habitation. For six uninterrupted months, President Buhari did not deem fit to transmit cesspool of fraud masked as INEC’s budget proposal to National Assembly for consideration until it was few days to National Assembly annual leave. Yet, majority of Buhari’s appointees and supporters, for the past two weeks, have been falling over themselves threatening fire and fury against the personality of Senate president Bukola Saraki, for “holding” the nation down.

Oshiomhole and his gang have been engaging in shenanigans, grandstanding and dirty mudslinging against the institution of National Assembly. They have been disturbing Nigerians that Saraki must be impeached for Buhari to start performing as promised during the 2015 campaign. Buhari Media Center have portrayed Saraki as “enemy of democracy”, without telling Nigerians what held INEC budget in the Villa for the last six months, especially taking into consideration the exigencies of preparation for 2019 general elections.

Notorious Miyetti Allah; platform of Fulani herdsmen responsible for the mass killings of Nigerians recently (at least they claimed responsibility), has also joined the bandwagon of those Buhari sympathizers calling for Saraki’s resignation. Someone outside Nigeria may assume that Bukola Saraki is the most invincible and powerful individual in the country today.

I can guess the thoughts of relief racing through the mind of Jonathan now: “To God be the glory. Saraki has “died” so that I shall “live” again. Finally, the Buharists can allow me enjoy my political retirement. Saraki has bailed me out of the attacks of BMC propagandists. May God bless the day Saraki was born! Alas! I am free at last!”

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