I have a wish. I wish some of our corporate guys in the South, who are well-travelled, still defending Buhari could have an opportunity to sit down with their man to discuss development and strategic policy issues with him.

I mean something like a brainstorming session where facts and figures are put on the table with special focus on Countries Peer Review Mechanism.

God, I pray You make this happen one way or the other and let these supporters:

* Ask him about plans for five-year rolling plan.

* Take him on on Africa Millennium Goals launched in 1999 and how far Nigeria has gone.

* Ask him on the merits and demerits of the New Partnership for Africa’s Development, NEPAD.

* Engage him on Managing Exponential Growth in Population, MEGP, in a developing economy like ours with a nearly comatose productive sector and a growing consumptive culture.

* Discuss the possibility of mitigating the culture of Speculative Fund Ownership and promoting both Transactive and Productive Fund Ownership.

* Broach the idea of initiating the process of institutional frameworks that make the job of strengthening our institutions much easier in a society that encourages strong men against strong institutions.

* Finally, ask him about Diversity Management in a multicultural, multi-lingustic and religiously polarised society.

I am sure these blind supporters will realise that we are saddled with a President who is light years behind in running a modern state. A stark illiterate who does not know more than anti-corruption sloganeering.

Perhaps, they will appreciate those of us who know these shortcomings and bring them up all the time.

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