Education of Igbo Kids As Our Best and Most Fundamental Tool for Self Determination.

I don’t mind being called illiterate in jest. Nothing wrong with njakiri. They call me Gwongwolo because I am a big jester myself and I don’t believe that people should take themselves too seriously.

But iko onu ka nwanyi is a different thing altogether. It speaks in strong ways to pathologic defects in certain brain circuits such as the amygdala and frontal lobe and when combined with difficulties segregating fact from fiction, it builds a certain psychiatric profile.

As my fellow Anambrarians would say, onwelo kwanu ploblem.

After thunderclaps and pouring rain comes sunshine. The times may be hard for Ndigbo but sunshine awaits in the land for which our hearts sigh. We have to keep faith with our destiny and if we did nothing still, we will triumph … eventually.

We are in this fight, and winning because the generation before us invested heavily in our education. Someday, there will be Nwoye in British House of Lords and Okeke in US Senate and Nwigwe in International Criminal Court and Ikolo as Japanese Minister and Nwana as US Army General. Look at professional sports in America. Igbo kids are heavily featured. In far away Hollywood, Igbo entertainers are being honored. At Havard University and MIT, snd Imperial College, my alma mater, Igbo kids are setting the pace.

In our moments of despair, let’s take time to reflect on who we are and how we remain unbowed despite our unremitting toil.

To continue to stay one step ahead of our traducers, we must not forget our fundamentals. The most fundamental edge we have is education. That’s how come we are the number one supplier of skilled labor to tbe outside world in all of Africa. As a result of that, nothing anyone can do in Nigeria can ever impoverish us.

That is why, without a doubt, the most fundamental thing we must do in our fight for self determination is to make sure that we provide Igbo kids the opportunity to get world class education. That is the unassailable Igbo edge. We need to invest heavily in the education of Igbo kids as the best weapon against oppression.

If we keep to that fundamental, then time sorts out everything and defeats all, especially injustices.

We will cost ourselves a lot if we let unguarded emotions and fear mongering drive us into taking unilateral precipitate actions. Let us continue to invest in internal capacity building, especially making sure that Igbo kids have opportunity for qualitative education.

In due time, everyone gets their deserts. The far North has invested in a rigid caste system anchored on a religion immutably rooted in many centuries past. The world will pass them by as wars, famine, illiteracy and social displacements challenge them to change or perish.

Let’s form a healthy habit of stepping back from the heat of battle to see the true macrodynamic disposition of the war. We are the winning side in this clash of civilizations and all the setbacks that cause despair in our hearts are temporary and shall remain so, so long as we do not mess with the education of Igbo kids.

So whenever you are in doubt as to the next step to take in our fight for self determination, invest your time, emotions, and energies in education of Igbo kids around you. You can never go wrong with education.


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