Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki has boasted that he can never be impeached as the Senate President hinging his stand on the fact that the All Progressives Congress, (APC) championing the cause are minorities at upper chambers and therefore don’t have the powers to carry out the impeachment threat.

Besides that, Saraki also made it clear that he can never step down as Senate President as being demanded by the APC pointing out that succumbing to such calls will only amount to sacrificing the national interest of the country for personal interest.

The Senate President who made these clarifications while answering questions from Journalists in Minna, Niger state Sunday as part of his presidential campaign said, “The APC members know that we are in the majority and whatever they want to do they know that they don’t have the number”.

“The other kite they are trying to fly is asking me to step down from my seat, but I can tell you that this cannot be possible as I will not step down.” “One thing is very clear and that is to say that I will not sacrifice the interest of the country for my personal interest and in the last three years as a Senate president, I have demonstrated that my interest is second to that of national interest,” he remarked.

He condemned the calls from various quatres on the Senate to suspend its recess and resume adding that it was a collective decision by all members to adjourn and that their recess is under the ambit of law and has therefore not contravened any section of the procedures and that they will reconvene when it is time for them to resume from the break.

According to him, “We did not adjourn the Senate in the dark; there was a procedure where at the end of the session there was a vote and it was seconded that we should go on the annual recess. “So it wasn’t anything done in the secret, everybody was there. It is not that some few people met somewhere and took the decision. “Everybody participated and everybody took the decision that we should adjourn for a normal annual recess. ”

We took a similar decision last year and even two years ago and we agreed to resume on a certain date and it was the agreed date that we resumed, so there is nothing abnormal about the senate adjournment this year and what we are after is a country rooted in the rule of law and a democratic process,” he further remarked.

“What is important to me is to ensure the independence of the three arms of the government, to allow rule of law, to ensure that we respect the democratic process,” he declared. On his Presidential ambition, the Senate President said his ambition is to unite all Nigerians no matter their ethnic, religion and political lenient.

According to him, “the country needs a President that can unite everybody, the country needs a leader where all Nigerians will have sense of belonging, the country needs a youthful president, the country needs a President that understands how the executive and legislature work together and not in an environment where there is no harmony.”

On whether he still has control of Kwara state, Saraki said,”the people of the state know their leader and we are not the type that patronize the electorate few months to elections and disappear after such elections and resurface years after. “We are with our people election or no election and we will continue to be with them and the people will also continue to embrace us all the time so, the 2019 general elections will surely determine who the leader is so let us wait till then,” he declared.


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