From every indication, most politicians in our country develop deaf ears to the masses voice and become unreachable after being elected into various offices. This has gone a long way to make the electorates lose hope and feel reluctant in participating actively in electoral processes, taking the campaign promises of prospective and sitting politicians to the bank, and consequently, larger percentage of the masses resort to either staying aloof or exchanging their votes for campaign peanuts and monetary incentives.

However, among the crop of corrupt politicians are few who truly see politics as a call to service and not a means to amass wealth for one’s generation. From the few contemporary good politicians, I am singling out one whose good leadership qualities ring bell and would be instrumental to restoration of Imo State. He is a politician who condescends to the level of a servant to ascertain the problems of the led. Not one who sits tight on his comfort throne and watches the led sit on thorns to eat crumbs. He is a servant leader who is always at the beck and call of his people. Not one who changes phone number, shuts his gate and builds higher walls after elections. This is no other man than Distinguished Senator Samuel Anyanwu, the top Imo governorship aspirant of the People’s Democratic Party, the man who played crucial role to the revival of PDP in the state and national levels.

Unlike other politicians who do little or no work during their first tenure and refill their personal treasuries to the brim after reelection, Samdaddy, even without the intention of seeking reelection as a Senator decided to extend the dividends of his good leadership to all nooks and crannies of Imo East and beyond. Although he is still young and vibrant, having spent 16 years of traceable achievements in politics, he would have taken a bow off the political stage and continue empowering lives as former politician, but the pressing need to revive our dying State with his experiences, agility and sacrificing spirit brought him into the gubernatorial race.

In view of the 2019 general election, the People’s Democratic Party shall be conducting her governorship primary election on the 28th of this month. Knowing fully well that the Owelle administration has failed the State by all measures and Imolites are keenly prepared to vote her out for a better government, all that the party needs is to present a candidate whose personality is likeable, who is experienced and has delivered remarkably in past political positions he held, not one who operates on greed, selfishness, deceit, stinginess nor one whose name resonates failure.

I would advise the party to try a new candidate who has not only performed above expectations in the offices he had occupied in the past, but who is also known for his grace and ability to win elections.

Who is this most reliable aspirant to win the general election and bring the Imo of our dream? Senator Samuel Anyanwu is the answer for he has all it takes.

I urge the party delegates to remain steadfast in the solidarity they had pledged to Samdaddy, pay deaf ears to delusive and imminent campaigns of calumny and give their votes to Senator Samuel who has the capacity to lurk horns with the APC opponents in the general election, return victory to the party and usher in the renaissance of good governance.

It shall end in praise!

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