Nigerian Christians in Diaspora, under the umbrella of Coalition for Godly Change (CGC), have said they will no longer standby and do nothing to stop Nigeria from degenerating into a banana republic.

They said this on Monday while briefing the press at the end of a meeting with leaders of various local Christian groups in Abuja.

According to Prof. Adeniyi Ojitiku, Convener of CGC, Nigeria has experienced setbacks in its state of internal security and cannot afford to continue doing ‘business as usual.’

He also said ethnic partisanship and sycophancy in the distribution of political power and in the observance of rule of law must be stopped to salvage the nation from collapse.

To this end, Ojikitu assured that Nigerian Christians in Diaspora were ready to join forces with local Christian groups towards ensuring there is an active participation of stakeholders, at home and abroad, in the democratic processes that lead to the 2019 elections and beyond.

He said: “We in the Diaspora are now fully resolved that we can no longer stand by on the sideline and watch our dear country continue to wobble, falter and degenerate into a banana Republic of anarchy and rudderless mis-leadership.

“To say Nigeria of today is characterized by the highest level ever of insecurity to life, land and property, is an understatement of the obvious. There is unprecedented, rampant and gross ethnic partisanship and sycophancy in the distribution of political power, instrument of national security, as well as in the observance of the Rule of Law. All these must stop!”

He further urged Nigerians to shun propaganda and political party sloganeering and vote, as president, a political leader who is not only detribalized but possesses a solid plan and strategy for unleashing the economic potential of Diaspora Nigerians on the country.

“It is on record that no modern country achieves quantum leaps in development without the active solicitation and ‘policy-driven’ enabled participation of its Diaspora,” he concluded.


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