The Die is Cast………

It was a Super Saturday and Sunday…The Peoples Democratic Party has just concluded the Presidential Primaries for the 2019 elections….The Victor has emerged, the Wazirin Adamawa has just won a very tight three horse race….

This is the First for the former Vice President to be given the PDP presidential ticket and as one of its founding members, save the many defections he became notorious for, he now has a very formidable structure through which he can pursue his Presidential Ambition…..

Now we have a perspective, it would be a straight battle between the Incumbent, President Buhari and a former Vice President who controls one of the best political machinery within the Nigerian Isle, the Peoples Democratic Movement ( PDM) , an organization Founded by the Late Shehu Musa Yaradua…

The Die is cast, alliances would be formed, horsetrading would start in earnest…The APC has returned the President with 14 million votes, a figure that came from God knows where.. The Wife of the President has fired shots, the first missile has been launched this morning…She accuses the APC of being deceitful and manipulative, she falls short of likening it to a Carli Cartel Mafia organization, other aspirants have shouted to the highest heavens that they never stepped down for the President. Shehu Sani licks his wounds, he pays the price for hesitance and cowardice, he has been carefully schemed out, he would wave the Senate Chambers goodbye…

The Senate would resume on Tuesday, everyone now knows their fate…The battle for the soul of the Senate would begin yet again, there would be no peace for recalcitrant and defecting Senators…..We savour the entertainment interesting times herald….

The Electoral battle would be in the North, the 97% would have daggers drawn ..The Wazirin needs help from others…He needs the Kwankwansiya movement in Kano, those five million votes must be shared…He needs the Governor in Sokoto, he must have a piece of the Northwest Pie. He needs the North Central and the strategic inputs of Saraki…Benue, Plateau and Taraba must tilt towards his favour…..He must realize it’s not a winner takes all…It’s Team work that would create the winning strategy…

The 5% is sure, they made their beds a long time ago, and they sure know who is not lying in it…..The South West remains the bargaining chip, the Jagaban and Lord of the manor strokes his chin in soliloquy, he knows deep in his heart that he can work better with the Wazirin Adamawa…He knows his influence has been eroded under the deceitful watch of the Cabal…He has read the letter from Elrufai to the Imperator, he sees complicity and deceit in the removal of Shehu Sani….History might repeat itself, he has a pettiness to expiate to the people of Adamawa for his role in 2011…He might just take his chances one again….

The die is cast, the stage is set… It would be an Epic battle…It would be a fight to the finish…..The camp of the Imperator know a formidable opponent when they see one….. The Enmity between Katsina and Daura would be revisited….It would be a final settlement of scores….

Interesting times have arrived, grab your popcorn, strap on your seatbelts……

The battle is nigh….

Let the Contest begin…….

Henry Onyekuru

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