I wouldn’t serve Atiku for 20 years if he’s an ethnic, religious extremist ..Hon Greg Egu

…says he ‘ll restructure Nigeria first year in office

South East Coordinator Alhaji Atiku Abubakar Presidential Campaign Organization, Hon Greg Egu says he wouldn’t have stayed put with the PDP presidential candidate for twenty years if he is an ethnic or religious extremist, impervious to other people’s sensibilities, feelings, aspirations and interests.

On the contrary, Alhaji Atiku he said is a humane, kind hearted, sensitive responsive and detribalized leader filled with milk of human kindness who sees Nigerians as one people and treats everyone equally irrespective of religion or ethnicity.

Hon Egu who spoke during a media parley in his Umuohiagu home, Ngor Okpala LGA, Imo State stressed that his long association with Alhaji Atiku which has afforded him opportunity to study him like a book is reason he is convinced that he is the best man suited for the job of cleaning up the mess President Muhammadu Buhari has dragged the country into, because he will run government with human face.

He stated that Nigeria being a pluralistic entity does not need an iron fisted man, an ethnic bigot or jingoist or extremist of any kind as president but rather needs a pan Nigerian leader who will treat every part of the country with respect, give them their due rights and also is ready to work with every competent and qualified citizen irrespective of origin or religion.

Hon Egu noted that the APC government has destroyed the things that bind the country together and in the process widened it’s fault lines, creating divisions, promoting hate, rancour, stoking tensions and killings amongst constituent ethnic blocs.

“What Nigeria needs especially at this difficult and challenging time is a thoroughly detribalized Nigerian, a middle of the road kind of leader and not an extremist who is promotes sectional chauvinism and superiority above collective national interest.” he emphasized

The ex lawmaker reputed for his legendary adherence to one term political agreement for the House of Representatives seat of his Ngor Okpala, Aboh Mbaise Federal Constituency stressed that unlike other politicians mouthing detribalization Alhaji Atiku stands out given that his, is innate and truly genuine.

According to him in demonstration of his Nigerianess the Turakin Adamawa had a long time ago before the advent of this democratic dispensation, in 1995 to be precise taken a chieftaincy title in Imo State to demonstrate love for the people and their culture.

On the raging issue of restructuring Hon Egu said the presidential hopeful would restructure Nigeria in his first year in office, pointing out that part of the idea is to make the centre less attractive to reduce the mad scramble to control it and also give those genuinely ready to serve the opportunity to aspire to lead.

Hon Egu argued that the PDP’s candidate is grounded in the nuances of bureaucracy and governance, well prepared and equipped for the task of retrieving the country from the brink of socio economic and political quagmire of the moment, addressing the crippling insecurity brought about by murderous herdsmen and Boko Haram terrorists and generally bring innovative approach to finding solutions to the myriad of challenges bedevilling the country, to create the enabling environment which Nigerians whom he described as hardworking have been denied by the President Buhari government these past four years.

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