I have not lost the steam, I am currently dissecting issues thru surgical means to eliminate polluted areas.

It is not over until it is truly over. Whenever a man lives in absolute denial, he tends to overlook the warnings of the gods.

The spirit that mingles amongst the living, is either a victim of accident or household enemy.

I have said this times without number, that Imo state must be rescued. But that can only be achieved thru concerted and popular efforts.

The political situation in Imo today, portends great danger and a direct threat to our collective existence. If we don’t depart from the current dangerous trend which the major political parties in Imo state are dragging all of us into, the ruins and destructions of our collective heritage that is being supervised by the current administration will continue unabated.

Our only solace in PDP today, is the emergence of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar as our standard bearer. While the fate of PDP in Imo state is still hinging on the balance, as the diminutive liliputian that way-layed and ambushed the unsuspecting delegates of Imo PDP extraction thru their Secondusmus School of fraud are still on the prowl.

The uneasy calm that visited the victory of the road blockers and the attendant cold feet of a busted armed robber that ushered in the guber primary coupists as victors and conquerors, will definitely reflect in the result sheet column of our great party in the general elections in Imo state if the right thing is not done.

We are sharpening the knife for a deep cut and trust me, the battle has just started.

You cannot sneak thru the back of a general, kill some of his fighters and turn around to wave a white handkerchief.

Those who took part in destroying their own house, may be rejoicing for a job well done now. But I have news for you, it is not yet over. The surugede dance has just begun. It is only those that see in the spirit, that can understand complex spiritual issues.

The danger of parading and going to the field of play with a stolen political mandate, is the high possibility of the said mandate getting stuck in the hand of the beneficiary.

Whenever a mandate suffers credibility, the eligibility of the carrier becomes a big suspect.

If you ask me, Jack’s Jacket must be returned to him.

Omu has spoken!

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