Will Atiku Truly Restructure Nigeria?

I was in a seminar in May this year where Atiku was present. He was asked to tell Nigerians how he planned restructuring Nigeria in the first one year in practical ways not just rhetorics. I was marvelled how Atiku responded.

Atiku said that restructuring Nigeria is not rocket science. He made it categorically clear that the first major step at restructuring the country is to DECONGEST THE EXCLUSIVE LIST—handing over some of federal government responsibilities to states through constitutional amendment. He went further by saying that through the same constitutional amendment, some of the states responsibilities will be given to local governments that would become independent through the same alterations of the constitution. He said that this is one of the major reasons he would see National Assembly as partners in rebuilding Nigeria not political enemies.

From that day on, Atiku won my heart. He made all the postulations extemporaneously—without a written speech. It was during Q & A session. I have never seen any aspirant explain this bogus term of “restructuring” in manner that a layman on the street will understand it. He was able to provide solutions to restructuring agitation in less than 20 minutes. That’s mental sagacity combined with economic sophistication at work. We need realist and pragmatist as president not a clueless rhetorical neophyte.


Chidiebere Nwobodo

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