Do not be deceived by propaganda and noise. Ask the APC and Buhari about issues. Where was Nigeria in 2015 and where is Nigeria today?

1. Nigeria today is the poverty capital of the world;

2. Nigerians are dying of both hunger and suicide of out depression

3. Unemployment rate worsening by the day;

4. Exchange rate still two times what they met;

5. Fuel price almost two times what they met;

6. Kerosene not affordable to the masses at N250 to N300/litre UP FROM N50/LITRE IN 2015, ABOUT 600% INCREASE!!! DID YOU HEAR THAT?

7. Ordinary bread has increased from N150 (in 2015) to N350 today; the last movement from N300 to N350 was in Septembers 2018;

8. Groundnut (even though it is without an fx component, as it is grown, produced and processed in Nigeria)) has increased from N150 (in 2015) to N600 per bottle; it went up from N500 a bottle in August to N600; increase from 2015 price is 400%!!!!

9. Nigeria has nosedived woefully in all the indices below:

a). CPI (Corruption Perception Index.

b). Global Competitiveness Index.

c). International Press Freedom Index.

d). Investment Attractive Index.

e). Global Retail Development Index.

f). Rule of Law Index.

g). Works Internal Security and Police Index.

h). Terror rate.

i). Infant and Maternal Mortality Rate.

j). HCI (Human Capital Index)

10. Nigeria has borrowed more in three years than the previous 16 years before this administration, leaving a heavy debt burden on us, our children and grandchildren

11. Boko Haram still killing both civilians and soldiers daily

12. Fulani herdsmen still continue to massacre innocent men, women and children as they sleep while authorities look the other way

13. Minimum wage is still at N18,000 where they met it in 2015 when fuel price was N87! Are these guys not wicked?

I do not write rubbish. I write facts.

Prove these wrong and I will vote for him to continue from 2019!

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