For the the first time since the advent of this republic, Restructuring is going to be the key issue on the ballot, especially, in Ala Igbo.

No longer, will anyone come to us to tell us poppycock and lies of how he will make $1 to be equivalent to N1 or make Pms to sell for N45 a liter. If Buhari likes , let him wear ishi Agu Clothe on boxers, he will not get any vote in Ala Igbo under a free and fair election.

Whatever or however, anyone may feel about MNK, he has brought something more forceful on the table that was not there before. Thanks to the incompetence and murderous antics of the daura Pa Bubu . It was his atrociously tactless and divisive governance style that turned a guy behind a Disc console in far away London into a Rockstar and near god, with tens of millions of avid followers.

Today, no politician is going to come to ala Igbo telling us Rubbish. It is either you are bringing clearly defined and signed Restructuring and devolution offer or you are providing us with a date for referendum to allow Ndi Igbo vote to break out of this jungle. No middle ground.

One thing I am sure of, which I can even bet my hand on is that MNK can never have anything to do with the Pa Bubu, his agents or APC.

He was careful not to bend his stance .He showed some level of consistency. He was very clear that he did not call off the last boycott call because the Igbo elders could not get anything tangible from Buhari on the way forward. They went to worship Buhari in Aso Rock and engage in empty photo ops.

So the ball is now in the court of Atiku, Obi and PDP to come up with something tangible on the way forward as per devolution of power and Restructuring of Nigeria if they are sincere. Something that we can hold onto and hold against them if they fail to keep to their words.

The guy is smart. You may disagree with his style but he is truly Smart and understand the psyche of the average Nigerian politician. He knows that the average Nigerian politician cannot be trusted. So, while all of us are Atikulating (and rightly too, to get Buhari back to his gay cows in Daura), the guy desires his block to be more vigilant.

We may all regard his method as brash and unconventional. We may regard it as irrational and against our overall intellectual rationalization. However, such irrational and unconventional ways may actually end up giving us what we have all cried out for- Total overhaul of this jungle.

I am Atikulating for one sole reason. To have Nigeria restructured. It is a gamble that I have to take in the face of the two key options available to us. I am also so sure that the pressure is on now. If by November 30, 2018 , Atiku, Obi and PDP did not come up with something tangible and definitive on the way forward here on this restructuring outcry , some of us Atikulating today may campaign for election boycott. I am serious about this.

That some of us today are screaming and shouting Atiku/ Obi, is a clear and evidentiary proof that Buhari is an unmitigated and atrocious governance disaster that no sane person will ever dream of giving another four years in 2019.

We cannot replace the death and poverty Merchant with Atiku without having a clear road map of where we are headed to . Atiku , Obi and PDP must come clean with Ndi Igbo in such a way that Nigeria is Restructured without further death or misery Or Pa Bubu may have another four years that may definitely lead to the forceful break up of Nigeria under his tact less Rehobaom kind of rulership.

I so submit

I still remain, Dr Nnaemeka Onyeka Obiaraeri , FICA , MIRA


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