We must stop being frivolous, self centered and address the looming danger before our eyes!

There is a crack in Imo PDP at the of verge of 2019 general elections and it will be absurd to be cosmetic about this! It make no political and common sense pretending that there is no crack while there is!

There is a solution to every problem! The approach, spirit of give and take, humility and intelligence to resolve crisis is all it takes!

PDP is an opposition party in Imo state and federal. We therefore need to be more coherent, United and together to confront the challenges of the 2019 general elections particularly the governorship!

The case of Senator Araraume with PDP in 2015 is still fresh with us. Then PDP was the incumbent federal government yet we lost!

Rt.hon Emeka Ihedioha then deputy speaker was Imo PDP governorship candidate in 2015 with all the paraphernalia of his office yet we lost, we all know why we lost. Today Rt.hon emeka ihedioha is the Imo PDP candidate with PDP in the opposition and we have nPDP at our hand… and some want to say there is no problem!

There is no way Imo PDP can win the 2019 governorship election with what is playing out!

Now is the time for Imo PDP ELDERS COUNCIL to go to work, put their personal interest aside and wake up from slumber to save Imo PDP.

Now is the time for owerri zone to go to work and tackle the issues Head on to save owerri zone from losing their best chance to produce the next governor. If owerri zone can not solve this problem, sorry orlu or okigwe will not solve it for them!

It has been my vigorous campaign that congresses and primaries must be free, fair and credible devoid of impunity and imposition of any sort and from any quarter. Allow the people to freely elect their choice of candidates! The real and most popular candidate is the one elected by the people from the bottom of their hearts!

There is mafia senator hope uzodinma APC candidate who is now working directly with PMB to confront.

There is billionaire Senator Ifeanyi Araraume APGA candidate with powerful contacts at the presidency and at all levels to confront.

There is leadership expert Linus Okorie YPP candidate with ravaging connect with young persons scattered all over schools and tertiary institutions and professionals to confront .

There is ugwumba uche Nwosu now of DPP with the biggest and lavishly funded political structure to confront!

There is Okey Ezeh SDP candidate from mbaise block to confront.

There are dangerous alliances being put in place with the backing of some billionaires to stop emeka ihedioha!

Already Orlu zone is dangerously divided against the candidature of emeka ihedioha!

Needless to emphasise others!

Imo PDP Stop the pretenses and tackle the problem Head on or forget it.

I sympathise with state chairman Barr Charles Ezekwem who put in his best to rebrand Imo PDP only to be jolted at this time!

Ebubeagu Ekenulo is a political activist and whistleblower who say it as it is, not minding whose oxe is gored!

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