The attention of the office of Distinguished Senator Samdaddy Nnaemeka Anyanwu has been drawn to the division in Imo State Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) with the emergence of a splinter group known as the N-PDP.

Senator Anyanwu disassociates himself from this group, and views this latest development which is a direct response to the anger and displeasure that characterised the October 1st, 2018 governorship primaries of the Party in the the State as not only divisive but is capable of undermining the electoral fortunes of the party as we approach the next round of elections in 2019.

Coincidentally, the promoters of this splinter group in our party and their supporters which is made of up of over 60% of PDP faithful in the State are largely members of Senator Anyanwu’s Governorship Campaign Organization known as Divine Mandate Movement and their numerous support groups, who feel aggrieved at the outcome of the governorship primaries in the State, which is also a subject of litigation in the Owerri Division of the Federal High Court.

As the highest political office holder of our great party in the State, Senator Anyanwu feels disturbed at this latest development. This is worrisome as we have a little above 80 days to the general elections.

More worrisome is the fact that as an opposition party both at the State and National levels, the party cannot afford to approach the

forth coming elections as a divided party. Like the saying goes, united we stand and divided we fall. The lessons of the 2015 governorship election in the State is a case study, but unfortunately we don’t seem to have learnt our lessons.

Consequently, Senator Samdaddy Anyanwu wishes to appeal to the leadership of the N-PDP and their numerous followers to sheath their sword. Senator Anyanwu is peace loving and a firm believer in due process. These explain the large followership and goodwill he commands.

We further state that Senator Anyanwu believes that the obvious injustice and irregularities that marred the primaries and ochestrated impunity and manipulations that favoured a particular aspirant in the primaries will be corrected at the Law Court.

In conceding to the fact that peace is bether than violence, we wish to observe the genuineness of the grieviances of the N-PDP. You cannot beat a child and expect him not to cry.

It is our believe that the issues raised by this group are germane and strong that they cannot be ignored. Issues of manipulations of party primaries and the near exclusion of women are vital issues that should not be accommodated in a political party like the PDP.

Barr. Charles Babatunde Ezekwem has done a lot to keep the party together in the State, and we wish to place on record Sen. Anyanwu’s loyalty to the party under the chairmanship of Barr. Ezekwem. His celebrated commitment to the party is unparalleled and he will not support any action that may cause divisions in the party.

It is true that the people of Imo State are in agreement that the ruling APC government in the State has failed. It is also true that the only party in the minds of the people is the PDP. But the underlining truth is that the people of Imo State will find it difficult to subscribe to a candidate that emerged from a fraudulent and largely manipulated primaries. We cannot afford to take the Imo electorates for granted.

It is therefore on this premise that we expect the leadership of our

dear party both at the State and at the National levels to take a close and

sincere look at this latest development in our party and look at ways to assuage the grieviances of this group as we await the court judgement.

We cannot afford to lose any member of the party as the election beckons.

Kelechi Eke

Media Aide to Sen. Samuel N. Anyanwu.

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