In my last write up, I postulated that four major power blocks have emerged in Imo in the jostle for Imo Governorship in 2019. They are; Uzodinma, Okorocha, Ararume and Ihedioha. Baring all unforeseen circumstances, one of the above mentioned power blocks will be Governor of Imo state come 2019.That is every other thing been equal.

In this race to Douglas House, George Orwells Animal farm comes to mind where Orwell proclaimed in that epic book that all animals are equal but some are more equal than the others. So when I say that Uzodinma is not like others, I stand by that analysis.

For example, Hope is a ranking sitting Senator of the federal Republic of Nigeria. The rest such as Ararume, Ihedioha and Nwosu are ex this and ex that. A big minus for them. Secondly, Uzodinma is the flag bearer of the ruling Central Government party. Another feather to his cap. The others are in the fringe opposition parties. Another minus. Still again, the candidature of Uche Nwosu who is from Orlu like him and who would have shared stronghold support base with him has K.leg.

Right now in a contradictory recent interview, his hench man Governor Okorocha has thrown him overboard. In that unfortunate interview, he verbosed that he has gone his way to APC with some few others and that Nwosu was at liberty to paddle his political canoe. In a cunning way in that interview, he said he will be lending them a helping hand as the campaign glides to the end. This is Bubuyaya according to my ally Nze Elvis Agukwe.

Okorocha would be defying all political theories if he could come to the podium in an APC mega rally where Buhari and the national executive of the party is seated to say what he said at the interview. It is not possible. I say it as a thorough breed politician that his statements at the interview was a scam. He has scammed and led Nwosu into temptation. Nwosu’s Guber ambition is now clearly a disaster and dead on arrival. In short Okorocha has abandoned the Nwosu project. Nwosu and co are right away on their own. Okorocha has moved on to save and direct his own political future. Therefore Uzodinma has no domestic foe to really contend with. Another uniqueness.

As for the Ihedioha campaigns, Senator Sam Daddy by n-PDP has dealt a mortal blow to that campaign. The Ihedioha power block is today only been powered by the National Assembly associates of espirit de corps. Only the Alagbaoso’s, Jones Onyeriri’s, Onyewuchi’s cannot drive a Governorship campaign to victory. That campaign cannot really stand the huespa of a tough Governorship campaign.

The Ararume campaign is there with the undertone of a movement involving APGA. It looks strong but it will not stand the fireworks of the APC/ Uzodinma driven national campaign to re-elect the sitting President. APGA already is poised to support President Buhari. How they will blow hot and cold at the campaigns is yet to be seen. Their campaign carries a badge of contradiction. I see them struggling with the APC to market their Presidential candidate and face the seeming fallacy of selling another logo for Governor. Can it really work? The answer is capital NO.

Then another major difference is the choice of deputy governorship candidate. The Ihedioha group went for fellow politician and former NASS member Hon Alphonsus Irona from Oguta. How Irona an indigene of Oguta with the absence of Arthur Nzeribe will convince other Oguta LG players to key into his visions is an uphill task. In the build up to this election, where other communities in the LGA will remember the penchant of the Oguta man to only claim Igbo when it is connvienent for him. When it is not convenient for him he says he is of Benin origin. Sentiments like these will overwhelm the Irona deputy governorship candidacy.

As for the Ararume group with a fellow politician in the name of Nwoga from Ahiazu Mbaise LGA, it has a minimal connection influence perhaps only in that LGA of origin. There comes in the show of excellence in the Uzodinma camp. The deputy Governorship candidacy showed excellence and had so been applauded. Take it this way, a seasoned academia with rank of Prof emeritus in the person of former Vice Chancellor Placid Njoku will attract the votes of his immediate constituency across the state. All tertiary institutions will vote their own man. The choice also shows Hope is prepared to work and listen. The man attracts his age group vote compulsively. His former students and staff votes compullsively. It also shows that Hope a successful businessman is ready to make Imo work again by bringing on board a tested technocrat. Both of them from different tendencies will tend to uplift Imo state.

We are yet to hear about Nwosu’s deputy. He is likely to use one of these louts by their Youth o’clock slogan. It will not bring value to the nearly deserted group.

Therefore Uzodinma is that light on the mountain top. It is Uzodinma leads and others follow. I predict a landslide victory for him at the first ballot.

Dr. Batos Nwadike Top Adviser/Political Consultant to Senator Uzodinma writes from Umueze Umuorlu Isu, Nwangele LGA, Imo State.)

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