Just like the bible quoted alcohol as being a mocker to the consumer, same way the social media has equally become a clog in the wheels of the aspiration of Emeka Ihedioha.

Yes i give it up for the maverick politician called Emeka Ihedioha, i tag him as maverick because he is a political fraud expert whose strategy involves a long term fraudulent planning process which terminates at fair stages to those who are shallow both in reasoning and strategy interpretations.

I say this because i have followed him right from when he represented my federal constituency at the green chambers till 2015 and have monitored him from 2015 till date and can tell you, he is a good long term planner of political hocus-pocus. He has always succeeded in his games may be because his team was for a few who had precise targets and clearly understood their red spots and boundaries devoid of the recent social media magnification of lapses and errors which could be leveraged upon by the aggrieved public to make mince meat of the entire planning process.

Before now, the print media was meant for a few who could afford the papers which were mostly for the working class and intellectuals whose times were precious to them unlike today where every Dick, Harry, James and several other social miscreants has become crusaders short-circuting and closing the chances of their principals in their bids to either defend or project them into political limelight.

These social space managers and invaders or miscreants either recruited or working for Emeka Ihedioha cost him his 2015 governorship ambition which he painstakingly perfected and executed emerging victorious among other governorship aspirants of the PDP but rather than closing ranks and negotiating with other aspirants for a better outing at the general election, his social media vuvuzellas and miscreants jumped unto every social space maligning and disparaging the images and personalities of those who contested with him thereby pushing them to the point of conspiring and executing his abysmal position even with the federal might in his favour.

The bird that cried in 2015 and he lost his divine opportunity has started crying again today in 2018 which may likely cry to 2019 to herald his failure again come February 2019. He has recruited the likes of the notorious Jasper Ndubuaku and other social misfits and miscreants whose voices can now be heard courtesy of the benevolence of Mark Zucherbag in his creation of Facebook where they can afford a 100 naira worth of MB only to disparage the personality of Distinguished Senator Samuel Nnaemeka Anyanwu whose only crime is asking the court to peacefully look into the fraud of the October 1st primaries to either cancel or uphold it.

Like i have always opined that the court can only give us judgement and not victory but if we allow the court to do her job and come out with a position, it will remain a win win situation for the PDP for whoever wins must go to the general election with the partnership of the other but if it is done as currently being established, how then can the PDP win the 2019 gubernatorial election in imo if Sam Daddy and his divine mandate pulls out of the party where Senator Hope Uzodimma and Senator Ifeanyi Ararume with His Excellency Ikedi Ohakim has caged the Orlu and Okigwe zones on the platforms of the APC, APGA and ACCORD party respectively?

As the official New Media aide to distinguished Senator Sam Daddy, he has always cautioned me and my other colleagues against any frontal media action on his political opponents who he has always called his friends, but for Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, it appears he derives joy and fulfilment seeing his aides casting aspersions on others. May be he is yet to learn from the lesson of 2015 imbroglio and like i have always told him, this is not the time for media firewalls but negotiations and dialogue as a minus of the Sam Daddy camp from the PDP is a plus for either Hope, Ararume, Ikedi, Iyk Ibe et al.

I wish this matter can be resolved for the current emperor to be retired.

Advise no be curse oo.

My name is Reality writing for the #REVELATIONSMEDIA

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