Those who do not understand what Buhari is saying should realize that he is laying claim to the whole of Nigeria as the Estate of their Greatgrandfather Uthman Dan Fodio and he is showing the exit door to those who are not happy about the definition (ie the Constitutional Arrangements imposed on all by Caliphate-inspired Decrees), of that Nigeria.

The only chance the rest of Nigeria stands today against the complete CONQUEST and COLONIZATION Agenda of the Caliphate is the immediate dissolution and unbundling of the failed, toxic and defunct Federation of Nigeria.

The background to this mindset is that the atrocious Amalgamation of 1914 was basically an Annexation of Southern Nigeria to Northern Nigeria in a process described by the then Secretary for the Colonies, Lord Harcourt (the boss of Frederick Lugard),via cablegram, 31st December, 1913 in the following words:

“We have released Northern Nigeria from the leading strings of the Treasury. The promising and well conducted youth is now on an allowance of his own and is now about to effect an alliance with a Southern Lady of Means. I have issued the special license and Sir Frederick Lugard will perform the ceremony. May the Union be fruitful and the couple constant”.

This grand bequest of the South by the British, to the North, like a child bride, was the subject of a different kin of celebration in the week of Independence in October, 1960, by the then Premier of the Northern Region, Sir Ahmadu Bello, as the rest of Nigeria celebrated what they thought was ” Independence”, when he declared to his lieutenants that:

“The new Nation called Nigeria should be an Estate of our Great-Grandfather, Uthman Dan Fodio. We must ruthlessly prevent a change of power. We use the Minorities of the North as willing tools and the South as a conquered Territory, and never allow them to rule over us, and never allow them to have control over their future” (Reported in Parrot Newspaper of 12th October, 1960).

LNC posits that the full execution of this Ahmadu Bello’s Mission Statement and Battle Script of 1960, resulted in the current Master-Servant Constitution of Nigeria 1999, imposed by the political descendants of Ahmadu Bello by force and fiat, between 1966 and 1999; everyone according to his station in the Script. (MNN LAGOS DECLARATION OF JUNE 30, 2011).

It was also within this Caliphate mindset of “Nigeria belongs to us”, that Lawal Kaita, the former Governor of the Old Kaduna State, speaking for the Arewa Consultative Forum, declared in October 2010, when it became clear that President Jonathan who had ascended the Presidency of Nigeria following the demise of President Umaru Yar’Adua, was going to contest the 2011 Presidential Election, that:

“Anything short of a Northern President, is tantamount to stealing our Presidency. Jonathan must go and he will go. If Jonathan or any other Southerner becomes President,… the North is determined to, and will make the Country ungovernable”.

This threat was carried out in full when on the day of Jonathan’s Electoral Victory in 2011, rampaging armed Northern elements, killed the Youth Corpers in Bauchi State who had been hired ad hoc by INEC. That rampage spread and escalated rapidly across the North and responsibility for it was claimed by the then little known Boko Haram. There was no letting in this murderous rage until Jonathan was ousted in 2015 by the very Candidate who lost out in the bloody 2011 Election and who had in the heat of the Military containment effort declared that the an attack on Boko Haram was an attack on the North.

It takes only the blind not to see the clear linkages between the 1960 Mission Statement/Battle Script and the current CONQUEST and COLONIZATION drive by the political scions of Ahmadu Ahmadu Bello aided by the Owners of Shell, Mobil, Chevron, Agip and Elf who remain in the Joint Venture set up since 1914 with them, happily sharing the proceeds of their crime, codenamed “Nigeria”, which translates to a daily 3 million barrels of blood-oil, to the utter exclusion of the owners of the assets who now have to go and prostrate at the feet of the Khalif for mercy and handouts.

There must be an end to evil.

Tony Nnadi


Lower Niger Congress.

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