The Young Democratic Party (YDP) governorship candidate in Imo State, Evang. Myke Ikoku has warned that the State can no longer survive under the heavy burden of career politicians whose only business is politics, while reiterating his commitment to build a strong State when elected as the next governor of the State in 2019.

Evang. Ikoku made the declaration while speaking to newsmen on his chances in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in the State. He said service to humanity is not rendered seasonally or should be done by compulsion, but service is one that should flow from the inside.

According to him, this is the reason why the people of Imo State should ask sincere questions about the antecedents and capacities of those parading themselves as governorship candidates before making their choices.

He said some of this governorship candidates only come back to the State during election with bogus promiseds, and wondered how such people with no visible business and genuine interests in the State could wish to govern a State they are not interested in her development. He said the economy of the State can no longer carry the excesses and unpatriotic practices of such candidates while calling on the Imo electorates to be wiser in the coming elections.

“My commitment to fulfill my campaign promises which centers on taking Imo State to a higher level for sustainable economic growth and development is non negotiable”, he said.

Evang. Ikoku who is the proprietor of All Seasons hotels reemphasised that it is not by accident that he has all his business in the State, but because of his firm believe in the Imo project. He stated that he has lived all his life in the State, have all his investments in the State and pays his taxes in the State, and therefore is better positioned to address the numerous challenges facing the State.

“Most of these people you see today asking for your votes to become the next governor of the State have no stake in the State. They don’t own a single business and do not have any Imo son or daughter under their payroll. The simple reason is that they don’t believe in the Imo project and yet they want to govern the State. Most of them are complete novice in the art of creating wealth. It will be disastrous for Imo people to make the mistake of voting people who have no stake in the State”, the YDP governorship candidate quipped.

“I am the only candidate that can bring back smiles on the faces of civil servants and pensioners in the State. I have a covenant with Imo workers to implement 40 thousand naira minimum wage in the State. I say this with every sense of responsibility because none of my workers earn anything below this amount. If I can achieve this as a private person, Imo people can now imagine what will happen when I eventually emerge as the next governor of Imo State, because you cannot give what you don’t have”, he said.

The governorship hopeful explained that the task of rebuilding the State though daunting, can be achieved with prudent management of scare resources and sincerity of purpose. He said with hard work, honesty and ability to deal with complex economic issues with the requisite team of economic experts the task can be achieved.

The YDP governorship candidate further stated that to tackle the spate of unemployment in the State as well as deal with the economic woes bedevilling the State, it will require sustainable long term economic growth that will depend on building a value chain anchored on strong institutions and people oriented laws.

On the issue of zoning, the youthful governorship candidate stated that though he is from Orlu zone, he has lived all his life and established his businesses in Owerri zone where he has emerged as the highest individual employer of labour.

Evang. Myke Ikoku said his over 30 years of business activities in Owerri and Imo State have stood him out as the most qualified candidate to assume the position of the State governor based on experience and capacity, and not candidates who will take the State resources and invest it outside the State thereby fuelling unemployment in the State. He urged all Imolites to support his ambition for a new Imo State.

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