Uche otu Onye

Nigeria is holding Igbo region back, but many Igbos flourish in many different parts of Nigeria.

This has been obvious in the last 25 or so years. The systemic running down of infrastructure in Igbo land, and deliberate underdevelopment of sea ports and airport in East Nigeria are clear policies to retard the emancipation of Igbos and our economic empowerment.

The one thing the north and west fear most is that Igbos would disinvest from their regions, if the East is allowed the same freedom they have to develop.

We are the ones who buy swamps in Lagos, drain it and build on it. We build in Sokoto, Kano, Yola etc, but very few Hausas Yorubas build in Enugu, Aba and Calabar. We need to ask ourselves why.

Until, we find the real reason, why few people from other ethnic groups come to east to settle, our politics will continue to lack a very important ingredient for its success. The most unfortunate thing is that Igbo politics have failed to factor in these realities.

The Nigerian equation is loaded against Igbos. There is no political alliance that can remedy it in the next 10 years.

Buhari is likely to win 2019 election and that would guarantees the Yorubas the presidential ticket in 2023.

They north would have succeeded in setting east against the west and strategically dividing the south and ensuring Nigeria is not restructured.

What we need to do is decide what we want. An Igbo becoming president of Nigeria or a restructured Nigeria, where we are free to develop at our own pace and end our marginalisation. We cannot achieve both. It is the nature of politics.

A Yoruba presidential candidate would likely pick a northern Vice President. If an Igbo is also running, They would both promise the north heaven and earth to support them.

Whoever wins, the north will get what it wants. Head or tail, the north wind, if Nigeria is not restructured.

The Nigeria equation is structured so that the North will always decide who rules Nigeria.

The future of Igbos lies either in a restructured Nigeria or independent country of their own.

The reasonable thing for Igbos to do is lead the demand for the restructure of Nigeria and make it a prominent issue in its politics.

The idea that agitation for Biafra would put pressure on Nigeria to restructure is misguided. Therefore, we must reign in IPOB. This will remove the reason for the the military occupation of our land.

Therefore, it is important that Igbos choose as leaders, people who will make demand for restructure of Nigeria one of their major objectives, and manage the little resources honestly and in the best interest of the majority of the people.

Second, Igbos should support a party that should take over in Igbo regions and be able to deliver the votes. There is need for Igbos to demonstrate political loyalist to a political party that is determined to fight fir the restructure of Nigeria.

The West are north are masters of ethnic politics. We are at our best, when we fight for what is best for all Nigerians, irrespective of ethnicity or religion.

However, everything would change, if Atiku Obi wins, but it this may not guarantee an Igbo becoming president in 2023, because Atiku would want a second term.

Therefore, those who support Atiku, should ensure that he commits to restructure of Nigeria and make it part of PDP manifesto.

Eke 23 December 2018.

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