For the same reasons the Apartheid Constitution of South Africa was not cured by Amendments, the Nigerian Unitary Constitution 1999 cannot be be cured by Amendments.

The Mandate of the National Assembly is to make Laws according the dictates of the Constitution. That Mandate does not include Constitution Making which requires Constituent Powers.

Constituent Powers reside exclusively with the Peoples of Nigeria as an incident of their Sovereignty. The Legislative Powers conferred by Election on the Legislature does not include Constituent Powers and unless the People specifically confer that Power on a Body with Constituent Powers (maybe by some kind of Election or selection), for the limited Purpose of Renegotiating, Distilling or altering the Constitutional Arrangements on their behalf, anyone in Government, whether in the Legislative, Executive or Judicial Arm, pretending to wield Constituent Powers, is on a mission of usurpation and is actually committing Treason against the Polity and the People.

This much was said in both the November 16, 2018 Open Memorandum to the President and the Multi-Regional Freedom Park Proclamation of December 11, 2018.

There was a Parliament in South Africa, dominated by the Boers who Imposed the Apartheid Constitutional Order. If cure to Apartheid was to be through Amendments, it would then have been entirely in the hands of the Boers to decide what they give up and what they retain and nothing more than marginal changes will come from that and the Apartheid Monster would have been there to date.

In the same vein, the Master-Servant Unitary Constitutional Order of Nigeria was Imposed the Fulani-led Caliphate which by illicit State/LG Creation during the long Military Interregnum of 1966-1999, now hold a standing majority of the Seats in the National Assembly. If the cure to the Worse-Than-Apartheid Unitary Constitution of Nigeria is to be by Amendments, it be in the hands of Nigeria’s National Assembly, controlled by the Caliphate imposers of the Unitarian Constitution to decide what to give up and what to keep from their illicit basket of gains secured and legitimized by a combination of brutal force and guile.

Even by the express admission of the framers of the so-called 1999 Constitution In Section 14 Subsection 2(a) which posits that:

“Sovereignty belongs to the People from whom Government, through this Constitution, derives all it’s Powers and Authority”.

This is a Universal Truism and the Universal Irreducible Minimum for Legitimacy of Constitutions. The Nigerian Constitution 1999 woefully fails this test, having been imposed by Decree, without any Reference to the People.

This was what the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners took before the Courts in 2007 Challenging the Legitimacy of the 1999 Constitution and seeking the Termination of its Operation.

Irrespective of where in Nigeria they come from and irrespective what Political Party they belong, those who, despite the loud shouts and agitation by virtually all Regional Blocs of Nigeria, cling tenaciously to the 1999 Constitution that was Imposed in absolute negation of the Sovereignty of the People, and in negation of this universal irreducible minimum for Legitimacy, illicitly exercising Governmental Powers and Authority Mandated by the Rogue 1999 Constitution, ARE ACTUALLY COMMITTING TREASON AGAINST THE POLITY AND AGAINST THE REST OF NIGERIA.

Consequences will attach to this deliberate and brazen criminality, especially in the parts of the Country where the Agitation for the Restoration of the Suppressed and Hijacked Sovereignty of the Peoples have become basis of massive Bloodshed, whether for Restructuring or Exit into Independence from what has become a Union of Death and Attrition.

A choice is being made right now by all of us by our actions, on which side of the cold divide we wish to be counted: FOR OR AGAINST THE CONTINUED OPERATION OF THE ROGUE 1999 CONSTITUTION.

Going to further National Elections in 2019 on the basis of the 1999 Constitution, whether as Candidate or Supporter or Voter, puts you one side. Being a Part of the Push to halt the Journey to another National Election in 2019 under the Rogue 1999 Constitution, puts you on the other side.

It is pertinent to add here that NO RESTRUCTURING WILL HAPPEN UNLESS SOMETHING TERMINATES THE OPERATION OF THE 1999 CONSTITUTION. Anyone who is chanting Restructuring but does not yet realize this imperative, should please for the good of Society, step back from the public political space whether as actors or commentators, to first enlighten themselves on the grave issues at play and to avoid misleading the ill-informed, distressed Populace further into misery.

This is the crux of, and rationale for the recently deployed Shutdown-2018 Designs by the LNC and it’s MNN Alliance Partners, targeting the Orderly but Immediate Termination of the 1999 Constitution (the Multi-Region FREEDOM PARK PROCLAMATION of December 11, 2018)

Those who shout Restructuring but turn around to support one more round of Elections in 2019 under the Unitary Constitution 1999 are either ignorant, dishonest or both.

All reasons we may wish to advance for being on the side of heinous and treasonable criminality against the People will count for nothing when the rickety Nigeria defined by the rogue 1999 snaps as it is are bound to. That would be a sorry day for those on that side.

Tony Nnadi


December 24, 2018

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