Holes About Atiku Candidacy?

Dr. Bolali Akinyemi,

The President,


Report Of Our Findings As Requested.

When they say Atiku is corrupt and that PDP being a corrupt institution which lacked the capacity to build governmental institutions to frustrate looting and corruption, it always beats my imagination. I don’t understand where that claim is coming from; EFCC, ICPC, TSA, BPE, NSIA, Burea of Pubic Procurement, Pensions Reforms, and BVN , etc all legacies of PDP are what?

Let’s be retrospective and objective in our comments. Nigeria is far more than APC and PDP put together, a nationalist approach at striving for the country survival should be the attitude of all of us. The affliction the country is confronting today is Buhari, and nothing more. APC in my estimation is just an unfortunate available platform for the affliction. We just must be free from this deadly affliction anyhow, same way a sickman careless if the cure for is ailment is fake or not. The gimmick to vote recommended candidates of lesser clout in the name of demonizing PDP won’t work. For me Oby Ezekwesili is an hired spoiler, BBOG was her tool of advancing Buhari to the Presidency in 2015, today a new role has been designed for her, how in the world would you explain her sweeping statements about Atiku at every public engagement, Is Atiku the President? While my interest is not to defend Atiku, but reasoning is the strength of informed decision. The duo of Oby and herdsmen compensator were Atiku’s articulations in the days that Atiku held “sway” as we are meant to believe as Vice President.

BPE was headed by El-Rufai and Due Process by Oby, attempt by both at pulling down Atiku are for me unfounded, if due process was due how come Atiku got what we are made to believe he got? And BPE was public under El-Rufai how come the public is just getting informed?

El-rufai and Irene chigbue, estwhile Director generals of BPE under Atiku’s chairmanship of the privitisation council, absolved Atiku of any wrong doing in the privitisation processes. https://www.dailytrust.com.ng/privatization-atiku-and-the-tales-before.html.

Oby has carried herself as if Nigerians are looking for someone to help us stop Atiku. She should have been smart enough to know we are looking for someone, who will help us removed PMB. She finally lost it when her choice VP in Ganiyu Galadima came to the debate. We are not looking for a mouthing President. On the 1st beat, Atiku has beaten everyone by the choice he made in his VP. Do I still need to talk about erudite Kingsley Moghalu, whose choice of V.P revealed his inept for picking square peg for a round hole, which has left Nigerians thoroughly embarrassed.

Buharists have come to terms with the inability of their kite to fly, and are inadvertently counselling us to waste our votes on inconsequential candidates. We are wiser now, so much has been learnt between 2015 and 2018. Never again! We will agregrate our votes behind one candidates. The APC government lacks any blueprint to move the nation forward. The PDP privitisation programs brought a Foreign Direct investment of about 7.8 billion dollars in 18 years, freeing up over 53 companies that were drain pipes on the lean resources of the nation, amongst millions of jobs generated. https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/06/privatisation-attracts-7-8bn-fdis-says-bpe-boss/

The much maligned and ‘clueless’ Jonathan initiated the sovereign wealth Authority bill, an institution aimed at tackling poor infrastructure and save for generations yet unborn. The bill was passed by the national assembly and signed by President Jonathan. http://nsia.com.ng

Sir, you may want to call my attention to the watchman who watched Atiku “steal” our commonwealth and did nothing, Obasanjo claim on Atiku to me is an admittance of failure, the bulk stop at his table, he shouldn’t pass it. Can you imagine any President passing the bulk to his Vice President. Obasanjo/Atiku will be thoroughly accessed, analysed and the truth establish in the days before the presidential election.

For now, Atiku is the best Vice President we have ever had. If he was let loosed by the one who should call the shot, then OBJ and not Atiku has a case to answer. This best Vice President, no doubt knows the demand of the office of the Vice President and picked another best for it. I stand to be corrected sir, but the best Vice, will possibly make the best President. I see Atiku/Obi as the transition to outstanding leadership we all have hope for our Nation. Voting Atiku is not going back to the old PDP, but a new PDP, a PDP responsible enough to say WE ARE SORRY! We are duty bound to prove their repentance and if they fail, God Forbid that they do. But power with them belong to the people as demonstrated by the peaceful transition they supritended in 2015. They obviously won’t give us issues leaving, if voted out.

Clement Ehis Iuleomien

Director, Research and Library


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