We started last year by recounting how the good people of Imo state have been let down over the last one decade of failed democratic experience, which has done nothing but to deepen the unemployment, poverty, disenchantment and misery situation amongst the populace. We paid special attention /emphasis to the immediate past 8 years of most tragic governance experience.

Interestingly, some other candidates of other political parties have started plagiarising our Imo Transformational Blue Print/Road Map, without understanding the hows, when, what capital/technical resources, timelines and deliverables behind our SWP. You can borrow zeal, but not the deep knowledge, hands on experiences and expertise that supports it. It is one thing to declare that you will plant 3million palm trees in three years. However, it is another thing all together to appreciate totally and seamlessly the whole linkages, dynamics, integrations and value additions in the whole value chains. Understanding the projects designs, structures, partnerships and funding matrix is another ball game all together.


Ada palm project started in 1976 with the development of a palm plantation in Ohaji Egbeme, 65 kilometres from Owerri. The government of Dee Sam Mbakwe later entered into a joint venture arrangement between Imo State government and a foreign investor The Imo state government provided land while the investors provided the oil mill and its machineries and accessories. Currently, there are 3,866 hectares of mature oil palms which were planted between 1976 and 1994.

The company has an oil mill where the fresh fruit bunches (FFB) are processed to get both the red oil, kernel oil and other end products for sales. The mill has an installed capacity to process thirty tons (30 tons) of FFB per hour and operates for eight hours every day. This means that the plant mills 240 tons (30×8 tons) of FFB per day.


Our transformational model for Ada Palm in order to create value for Imolites and the technical partners that will run the project is going to be a mixture of overhaul of the existing central production hub, as well as the creation of palm plantation /cottage palm oil milling clusters across the 645 autonomous communities in the state.

We shall bring in the Wilmer Group/PZ or NOSAK Group etc, with wealth of experiences in Palm Plantation Management/ CPO production and off-take relationship to partner with the Imo state government. Such PPP arrangement with such experienced agro-industrial company specialized in industrial as well as smallholder plantations of tree crops to take over the management of Ada Palm will help to sustainably put us on the right tracks in very transparent manner.

We shall working with other local Private sector partnering mini-processing anchor oil mill producers (All Imo indigenes) create small-holder palm plantation cooperative groups in the 645 communities under the supervision and guidance this private sector joint partners to develop a minimum of 30 new hectares of Fresh Fruits Palm Plantations in each of the 645 autonomous communities across the length and breathe of Imo state (totalling 19,350 hectares ), which is about 3% of the Imo state land mass.

Each of these 645 clusters of 30hactres each of palm plantations with Tenera Palm Species or Supergene High Yield Introgressed Hybrid Oil Palm with up to 25mt/ha/year at 36 months and up to 60 mt/ha/year at full maturity of 7 years- Harvest up to 40 years (20-25 Fresh Fruit Bunch per tree). Shall be managed by 10 properly trained Youth Agro –Entrepreneurs. Thus, we shall have immediately, 6,450 Imolites directly employed in this clustered farm gates under a robust PPP driven small holder palm plantation in the 645 autonomous communities in Imo state. The farms will also provide tens of thousands of other indirect jobs.

As part of the integrated networking of the whole value chain of the Palm Industry in Imo state, we shall under the same robust PPP arrangement, facilitate the establishment of 322 units anchor mechanised and automated palm milling plants across the state to process the Fresh Fruit Bunch produced in this clustered palm plantations. Each of this 322 units of automated and fully mechanised palm processing mills shall have capacity of daily input of 5mt of FFB and 1ton of Crude Palm Oil Production/output. Each of this units shall be manned by at least 5-10 properly trained Imolites. Another 3000 Youth Agro-Processing Entrepreneurs are already created from this line, plus tens of thousands of other indirect jobs.

Such creative Private Sector driven arrangement would transform Ada Palm Company Limited and the Imo state Oil Palm Industry into a diversified and efficiently run going concern enterprise with deep potentials to create 4000 -10,000 sustainable youth agro-based entrepreneurs while adding over N40billion into the Imo state GDP annually within the next 42 months.

Such uniquely created Copado model enterprising small holders palm plantations cooperatives (30 hectares in each of the 645 autonomous communities in Imo state under this novel PPP scheme), will provide fresh fruit bunch feedstock for smaller scaled Palm Oil and Kernel Extraction mills that would have been established across the length and breadth of Imo state under the supervision of this global best in class anchor private sector investors.

Using the bio-mass (fibre and shell) from these palm oil mills as fuel, in the boiler to produce high pressure steam, steam powered turbines would have been put in place to produce electricity utilized at the plant and to serve the host communities.

These schemes shall be funded from the Special Agric Equity Intervention funds to be set up by the Imo state Investment Promotion and Development Corporation to be set up in partnership with Imolites in Diaspora. We shall also access the AFDB’s $24billion Agric Intervention Funds for Africa, the CBN and NIRSAL anchor Borrowers and Agric Funds, Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition Grants, United States African Development Foundations and other Global Agric-Support Funding Agencies.


These job creating Agro-Processing Schemes do not require sky rocket science. These things have been executed in contemporary climes. These projects and schemes shall be executed excellently within the next 4 years. Late Dee Sam Mbakwe achieved great things and left landmark legacies that still stand till today 34 years after, within 4 years as governor (1979-1983). No one can reinvent the wheel, you can only modify it.

All that is required now is for Ndi Imo to elect a Governor/Deputy Governor who are deeply knowledgeable, deeply motivated , passionately creative, selfless, dedicated, compassionate and people-centric to pilot the affairs of Imo state from May 29, 2019-May 29, 2023 so as to deliver the urgently needed democratic succour to Imolites .

Imo state needs Urgent, Credible and Excellent Governance Bailout and Intervention Now.

Support, Finance and Elect Tony Nwulu and Nnaemeka Obiaraeri to help transform Imo state

Vote UPP, Ebe esere isi Agu

Tony Nwulu and Nnaemeka Obiaraeri


In the next series three and four, we shall address comprehensively, how we plan to transform/establish mega factories from the cassava value chains, other cash crops value chain, fishery, piggery and pork processing plants, and the AVUTU Poultry farm (We have already identified an Indonesian Poultry Giant that is willing and ready to inject over $120million to revive/revamp that comatose poultry giant

Please help us to share widely this good news in every platform you belong . Let Ndi Imo be aware .

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