Amina Bala Zakari, mum of 5, a widow, was married to Bala Zakari Kazaure who passed away in 2000, is not related by blood to Buhari but is more than a niece or daughter. She is from Jigawa.

Her father former perm Sec and Emir of Kazaure, Husaini Adamu, was married to Buhari’s elder sister. Amina ‘s mum was wife#1. Buhari grew up in the Emir’s house, Amina was there with Buhari from the outset.

We hold no grudge against her appointment or her job at INEC, commissioner , AG Chair. She is a pharmacist, well educated, Queens College Lagos, ABU (2:1) pharmacy.

However, to make Amina chairperson presidential election collation center doesn’t smell and feel right for whatever it is worth. In the justice system , if Amina were a judge, the CJ will never allow Amina sit over Buhari’s case. If she sits the defense will raise it and may ruin Buhari’s case on appeal assuming he is not president anyway. She has to recuse herself not because she may favor Buhari but to ensure there is no perception of conflict of interest.

We have boat loads of top INEC personnel who can play same role, may want to favor Buhari but whose appointment would not raise dust. It is just common sense. I don’t have a breakdown of her job description but the title will send alarm bells in the opponents camp if Jonathan did that. Her pick quacks and walks like a duck…it is a duck….she is too close to the President.

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