Tribute to late Governor Sam Mbakwe on his 15 years remembrance by his Daughter Helga Mbakwe Nosiri.

15 years today, Agbawo Dike Izu. I am so proud to be counted as one of your 5 daughters. You came and left an indelible mark. Here I am thinking of how you, as an ordinary citizen fought the Ayo Irikefe Panel, the Justice Mamman Nasir Panel, the David Mark Panel, the Daramola Panel, the Roseline Omotosho Panel on various issues; Creation of States, Boundary Adjustment when they tried to pass off Oil reach areas in old Imo to Rivers State and the Abandoned Property saga which you eventually won during the Shagari era.

You were the Secretary of the Group that agitated for the creation of old Imo State when you met with the late Chief Solomon Lar at the Owerri Town Hall at the time. It was also you who led the 250 man panel to IBB to agitate for the creation of Imo, Abia and Ebonyi states.

Dee Sam le, you were such a jolly good fellow who truly cared for your people.

You are probably weeping observing what they have reduced your beloved Imo to.

I weep too for as much they have forgotten your family whom you somehow sacrificed for the betterment of your people.I was with you when you went to Nebraska to attract Imo State University, the 1st state Uni in Nigeria in the company of Prof Enoch Anyanwu of blessed memory and Prof M.J.C.Echeruo. You nearly turned Owerri into Paris with Panalpina and your idea of ‘Keep Owerri Beautiful’ if not that the military intervened in a coup d’etat.

You understood that power is transient and as such greed was anathema to you. Yes, I overheard you in New York question the late Alhaji Maitama Sule, who was then Nigeria’s UN Envoy on why he conceded to Alhaji Shehu Shagari in 1978 to avoid a run off to the NPN Presidential Primaries in Lagos when he came to see you, to which the revered sage answered that he simply sensed that power belonged to God and he realized it was President Shagari’s turn and you nodded in the affirmative.

Should I also tell how you donned your wig and gown after your prison years to go defend a Condemned Criminal whom you met at Enugu Prisons? Will I also forget how you were the only political prisoner whom the late Fela Kuti agreed to be in a cell with at Enugu?

Okwuru Oha of Obowo, you were truly in a class all by yourself.

I will always carry you in my heart even if everyone else forgets.

Rest on Papa…

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