Today in history.

Do you remember the 2012 fuel subsidy removal rally and strike?

If you have forgotten, it took place from Jan 6-12, 2012. It got to a peak on Jan 8, 2012.

Background fact

January 1, 2012, GEJ led FG increased fuel pump price from N65/ltr to N141/ltr so that subsidy can be totally removed!

Voila! #OccupyNigeria protests erupted in Lagos and some other cities. NLC, TUC, Save Nigeria Group, civil society organizations, Nollywood celebrities, ACN and opposition Politicians etc took turns to address the rally at Gani Fawehinmi memorial park at Ojora, Lagos to denounced the subsidy removal. The strike paralyzed the country economy for about one week.

In the midst of the strike, FG backtracked and reduced the pump price to N97/ltr after series of negotiations with the Labour unions to call off the strike.

Fast forward to 2015.

PMB led FG said subsidy was a fraud, that there is nothing like subsidy. They promised to fix the refineries, that Nigeria won’t import fuel anymore. Has it been done? NO!

May 2016, PMB increased pump price from N97/ltr to N145/ltr, claiming Subsidy has been removed. No rally, no protest, no strike from actors of 2012 strike …..even from Nigerians! #Jazzed ?

NASS found out that FG has been paying subsidy unappropriated!

Suddenly, the lid broke, FG was paying subsidy, despite claims of its removal!

FG claimed it was Nnpc that was paying and not FG

NNPC says they are not paying subsidy, but it’s “differential”, after more pressure from suspecting public, they renamed it “under recovery”

Oil marketers threatened to stop importation of fuel in Dec 2018 if their “subsidy” payment was not paid. FG quietly paid.

Guess what, this year, subsidy funds is in the 2019 budget!N1.1trn! .. as they are tired of defending indefensible.

Question: Why are we not buying fuel at N97/ltr all these while (from 2016) when FG is still paying subsidy?

Where are SNG, NLC, TUC, Civil society groups, Nollywood celebrities, eminent participants etc ?

Who is occupying Nigeria today?

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