The APC wing of the Scions Of Danfodio are actually not as politically sophisticated as we give them credit for. They just happen to be dealing with a common sensically-barren political elites, from Igbo and Yoruba, who, like two foolish dwarfs, have refused to aspire to be the Giants that they were created to be but are busy fighting to be taller than the other.

Promising Ndigbo and the Yoruba the 2023 Presidency at the same time, in exchange for their 2019 support, when it is clear, even to the blind, that the Presidency can only be occupied by one person at a time, is not a sign of political wizardry. It is a sign of blatant foolishness. In fact, it is the best way of telling the two peopleS (Igbo and Yoruba) that you, the Promiser, are a certified Fraud who cannot be trusted to keep a promise.

And there is a sense in which it can be argued that the Dave Umahis, Rochas and Chekwas Okories of the East as well as the Fasholas, Tinubus and Osinbajos of the West are NOT UNaware of the nothingness of that promise. They fully understand that what they have with the Muhammad Buhari led government is like the relationship between Ogbunchi, the hunting dog and its Master where the dog is only visible during the hunting hours and does all the work but once the Hunter is home with the game, the juicy part of the meat belongs to him alone while the dog which did the hunting knows not to expect anything other than the bone.

And like the hunter’s dog, Southern political elites are content with the bones. It is a relationship that is as parasitic as it is symbiotic, depending on which angle you are looking at it from. This is why during electioneering campaign, the only people who will be going from place to place, one Television house to the other and even insulting and denigrating their own people, are the Tinubus, the Osinbajos, the Okorochas, Orji Uzor Kalus and political alleluya boys and girls like Joe Igbokwes, Keyamos, Lauretta Onochies etc in a bid to see that the election is won. But after the election, just like Ogbunchi, our hunter’s dog, the above named persons will automatically disappear, leaving the scene for the real owners of the “meat”. This is when you start hearing of the Cabals, a beautiful euphemism for a gang of political terrorists on a successful state-capture mission aided by a perpetually unaware President completely unaware of even his very existence.

The Caliphate don’t share power. The relationship they have with political power is like what the fish has with water.

Which brings me to my main question,

How has political powers bettered the lot of the people from whose ethnic stock the wielders come????

What is that remarkable thing Olusegun Obasanjo’s 8 years in power did for his Yoruba people? Did Good luck Jonathan’s 5 years in power clean up Ogoni or did it stop gas flaring in the Niger Delta region?

Let us even look at the North, a region that has held power for not less than 40 years, the same region that produced the current President, Muhammad Buhari as well as his major opponent from the opposition party, Atiku Abubakar. In terms of development indices, what are the figures saying about Northern Nigeria? Even with President Buhari’s mindless nepotism and criminal display of ethno-religious bigotry plus institutionalized quota system, is the North not leading the rest of the country in the number of out-of-school children, people living in abject poverty, and youths seemingly born with the divine instructions: Go To The World And Abuse Any Abusable Substance???

Indeed, Northern Nigeria is a crying demonstration of the vanity of ethnic Presidency.

Until we all agree to restructure this thing masquerading as a Nation to allow each region to self determine their future and develop at their own pace, we will keep going round in circle until we get to a time when Nigeria will collapse under the weight of her internal contradiction

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