Nigeria: God’s reversal of Babel

There are no coincidences in life according to Yoruba philosophy.

However, many Yorubas and Igbos, the two largest original African groups, as well as the whole Southbelt believe it was a mistake to have been lumped together in this ‘mere geographic expression’ called Nigeria created by the British.

Especially with the Afro-Arabic Northern Caliphate that is believed to arrest their development.

Probably if the French hadn’t been delayed in their colonial campaign on the River Niger, they would have colonized Northern Nigeria and it would have been part of French West Africa with the planned railway along River Niger to River Senegal.

Yorubas and Igbos would have been left at peace and have the British Mastas direct link, forgetting hundreds of Original African groups in the Middlebelt.

However, the British were opportuned to take Northern Nigeria especially with a willing caliphate that needed them to consolidate their grip on the Middlebelt.

Reports of what the French had done in the Fulani homeland of Futa Jalon must have scared the Caliph into quickly accepting British protectorate.

But despite the will of the two colonizers, Fulani and British, it would also be their downfall.

Unlike the French that went for land, most of which were bare with resources, the British had gunned for purely strategic locations in its colonies for raw materials and markets policy – the Gold Coast (Ghana), the Negro Area (Nigeria) for the markets, South Africa for gold and diamonds, Egypt, the Arab heartland etc

However, their Northern Protectorate, the world’s largest Black Muslim market, had no access to the sea since it was surrounded by French territories, making the British have no choice but to amalgamate Nigeria.

If they had the choice they probably won’t have put the largest Afro-Asian Muslims with the two largest original African groups and hundreds of other Original African groups.

Coming after 350yrs of slavery, God, the universe or whoever Black people offended must have designed a way out.

Nigeria was to reverse what Christians called the Tower of Babel punishment by making us speak thousands of languages.

Contrary to Babel Tower Biblical accounts, although all languages diverge from one, according to anthropological linguistics and grottochronology that language is Yoruba from which the 2240 Niger-Kongo languages diverged from. We can now chart how Yoruba diverged to Igalas, which diverged into Igbo, Idoma and Jukunoid languages which spread up the Benue into Cameroon to form the Beti-Pahuin languages down the River Sangha through Gabon’s Fang peoples, to Kongo’s Ugbangi River, which spread across Central and South Africa.

Another group went from Adamawa through Chad down the Shari River to River Ugbangi to form East and South Africans.

These Babel or migration linguistic divergences provided the crack in the wall that allowed Europeans lizard to seek through with weapons to fuel anarchy which fed slavery and the foundations of the Western global hegemony.

Now, if nature or God wanted to continue Black subjugation forever, the British would have found an alternative route for its Northern protectorate.

With Nigeria, the Yorubas and Igbos must wake up and understand that they speak the dialects of the same tonal mother tongue, clear the scales off their eyes to understand their common origins and collective aspirations.

If they don’t they will continue to bang their heads against the wall individually, crying to be let out of the Nigeria jail. But if they stead their focus, they will see their common nose and exhale mucous of Western and Afro-Arabic imperialism.

The only way this could be done is to retrace our cultural spheres to its institutions and forge a cultural unity to birth a new political movement whose responsibility is tied to our own Original African cultural platform and institutions.

I guess this was why the Ooni of Ife was recently invited to Chatham House to talk about the role of traditional institutions in the evolution of true democracy. The British know the key to open the lock of their chains.

However, no matter how much they plan to counter us, they cant stop our reversal of the curse of Babel. They can’t legislate against cultural unity and harmony.

Our Osun brotherly love will pacify and overwhelm the Ogun divisive military industrial complex.

It is written that the third horseman on a Black horse, the Black collective, with Scales (born in Libra October 1st) will restructure the world systems to bring about a 2000yr era of global enlightenment, Black economic ascendancy and justice.

Yorubas and Igbos must step up and stop whining. Selfish sub-ethnic agitation will never break free the Fulani and British stranglehold called Nigeria.

The African Giants must rise together and set free every Original African group free, including the Hausa from the Fulani.The Original African giants must shout with one voice to bring down the walls of Jericho.

Thank God for Nigeria otherwise Yorubas and Igbos would just have waka go, leaving behind hundreds of smaller groups in perpetual slavery, as if they were the only ones that waka come into this mess!

We fight as one or perish individually.

Manuscript of the Third Testament – Babel must be rebuilt and the sky will be our limit!

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