The Fulani Nation is on our doorsteps

We have foreign invaders on our door steps, who want to come in and take over our land and way of land in front of our very eyes.

People like Tinubu and Osinbajo are blindly watching this happen and saying nothing. Tinubu is too selfish to see beyond his greed, and Osinbajo too naive and far too settled with his butler position in government.

If we do not all bond together now to stop it. In 50yrs time, Nigeria will be a completely different place and our descendants will wonder why we did nothing to stop it, or why after earlier precedents were we so stupid to fall into the same styled and larger trap?

This election has a lot less to do with corruption and stealing, otherwise so many that make up the Buhari team would not be with him. It has more to do with our survival, our land, our heritage. The survival of our culture and our future generations.

Those helping Buhari achieve his aims and the plans he has had for years should go back a few years and ask what Awolowo, and others got for aiding and abetting these ungrateful guys, who have only but one intention. Suddenly as campaigns go on the herdsmen are quiet and not killing anyone, showing that someone is controlling their moves, telling them when to attack, and when to retreat.

We must do all we can to destabilize Buhari now, by changing the head, then we take the Fulani out altogether in 2023, otherwise, believe me, we will all be at their mercy.

Very soon they will have complete control of our Supreme Court, the final and last aspect of the engine required to move on all policies that are against you and I, and our future generations.

Let’s wake up to facts. Stop being academic, and apply the native intelligence required for survival. Now is the time to act, not tomorrow or next week. We should all troop out and go and warn our people, the voters, to vote out Buhari and protect their votes. To ignore people like Tinubu who are too smoked up on cocaine to see what’s up, and help rescue us from the horrible plans being hatched against the original owners and indigenous settlers of the land called Nigeria.

I rest my case.

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