The Nigerian Fulani Empire.

Nigerians would be fools to allow the government spend to 2Trillion to secure Fulani settlements all over Nigeria. I wish those states which have donated lands luck.

I have argued for several years that the special treatment given to Fulanis and their live stock business is discriminatory because it is not extended to farmers and traders. Cattle herding is a private business, why is Nigerian government subsidising it when it is not extending the same facilities to others?

This is equivalent to government building a market and asking traders to use it without paying rent or giving land and seeds to farmers and not expecting anything in return.

In fact there is a better reason why the funding of Fulani herdsmen is retrogressive.

The world is changing and people are running to vegetarian abd vegan diet. and the future is vegetarianism, not meat eating. I read a book nearly 40 years ago, came to the same conclusion and became a vegetarian at 17.

The world is reducing meat eating. What the Buhari admin has done Is like investing in combustion engine and fuel car, when the world is investing in electric and hydrogen cars.

This is a clear transfer of common wealth to an ethnic group which has been waging war against the country. It is telling the communities which have been subjected to terror by Fulani herdsmen that they do not matter.

Buhari is laying the foundation that would turn Nigeria into Afghanistan as the communities that would be dispossessed of their land begin to fight back, when the Fulanis settled in these colonies and began to expand as their cows turn their colonies into deserts , as has happened in the places the Fulanis are migrating from.

This investment is wrong, and a caulated and well thought out plan to support Miyetti Allah of which Buhari is a member and its war on Nigerian communities to take over farm lands by force for cattle rearing and exclusive use of Fulanis. It is aiding Fulani belief of conquest.

It is an ancient land grab being aided by a sectarian minded government.

However, the most surprising thing is that it was approved by the National Executive Council and not a single politician from the south has opposed it. Nigeria is already conquered by the Fulanis and we have been failed by those we elected to represent us and fight for our interest and future.

Eke O Eke

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