The Path of Destruction.

In 1962, the federal government of Nigeria built a transmission backbone to connect Kainji Dam and the power plants in Lagos. Excess power from the transmission system was sent to the Eastern Region to support the Oji River coal plant running as an independent power.

War broke out in 1967.

The federal government disconnected the Eastern Region from the National Grid. The Oji River was maintained, expanded to power the young country called Biafra. Electric power was sustained in the places connected to the Biafran Grid. Those places that were not connected ran on generators.

The war was over by 1970. The conquering Caliphate Government was still bitter with Biafra. A lot of policies were enacted just to ensure that a Biafra would never rise any longer. One of those policies was the centralization of Power Supply.

A cynical and patently stupid federal government created laws to centralize power just so they could control who generated and where it is generated. With this policy, they abandoned the Oji River power plant and made it deteriorate.

But of course, they couldn’t admit openly that to prevent the Eastern Region from ever challenging them was the reason for the centralization of power. With this prevention of regional generation, they started struggling with power all over the country. If they had prevented the Eastern Region from generating but allowed others to, there might have been trouble. So they prevented everyone from generating and unitarized the country into a single grid! That was how Power got into the Concurrent List but treated as an Exclusive Item.

Result? 4000mW in over a century as against 1.7 million mW in the Peoples Republic of China over the same period.

In the bid to put down a people, Nigeria put itself firmly on the Path of Destruction. With the 1999 Constitution, the destruction was legalized. And you know what? People rationalize the destruction and and validate it every time. No elected official has ever challenged the stupidity of that Constitution; most people have not even read it. All they want are good leaders! That Constitution would NEVER produce good leaders…and I refuse to validate it.

We must #restructureOrBurst

From the FB wall of Marvy Nnatu.

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