I have taken my time to analyse the candidates of political parties contesting for the 2019, IMO gubernatorial election; their strength and weakness, their disposition to humanity, which undoubtedly would impact greatly to their governance and their capabilities to deliver.

Among the lots, I found Senator Uzodinma ranking higher than others.

Senator Hope Uzodinma is humane and accessible, he has abiding loyalty to friendship, a man of the people. His representation of his zone in the SENATE, speaks volume for itself.

Senator Hope Uzodinma, the conqueror of the Imo emperor, is a man that is not given to inordinate acquistion of wealth and it’s vanity, rather he channels his wealth for the upliftment of the down trodden, and the widows. If not for Senator Hope Uzodinma, it would have been a faith accompli for ndimo, with the forthcoming election under Emperor Rochas Okorocha.

Most distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma is classic, broad minded, robustly connected with good friends across the three senatorial zones of IMO State, he is not clannish and does not believe in it.

As a senator of the Federal republic of Nigeria, he has garnered enough requisite experience for the job, with a global outlook.

He has a listening ear, with an ambience of refreshing candour.

Senator Hope Uzodinma, if given the opportunity to govern IMO, would bring healing to the broken state: a state that had been traumatised by despotic and anti-people policies, greed and avarice of unimaginable proportion.

IMO needs to be rescued from the failed “rescued mission” and no one can do it more than the very one who stood and dared the emperor, the very one who denied the lion it’s prey, the David of our time, who slay Golaith, when others ran away from the battlefield.

All men and women of good conscience should support Onwa Oyoko as the next governor of IMO State.

Evang. Tony Gray Okpe writes from Uba Orogwe, in Owerri-west LGA of IMO State_

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