Suspension of CJN a clear case of impunity gone far – Northern Democratic Front.

The Northern Democratic Front (NDF) “a group of democrats committed to the respect for the Rule of Law” has rejected “in totality” the purported suspension of the Chief Justice of Nigeria by President Muhammadu Buhari.

Rising from an emergency meeting in Kaduna, the group took a swipe at President Buhari over what it described as one of the worst examples of harassment of judicial officers ahead of 2019. “We also take exception to this brazen pedestrian, Gestapo style of attack on the third important arm of government – the judiciary.

The group also took a swipe at the APC-led Federal Government for “this ill-advised brigandage and smear on decorum”.

The group also lambasted the horde of advisers of the Presidency for not advising against the suspension of the CJN, when it was obvious the Presidency lacks the powers to do so.

The statement also called on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) civil rights groups and stakeholders of the Nigerian democratic process to stand up for justice and freedom as against impunity, “even if only to save the image of our hard-earned 19-year old democratic legacy”.

The group then stressed that the action of the APC presidential candidate “amounts to emasculation of the judiciary, which is the only known bulwark against irresponsible governance. We say no to intimidation of important persons managing institutions of public service, especially the judiciary”.

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