Checks & Balances

The 1999 Constitution has neither checks nor balances. There are zero consequences for any breach of the wordings of the Constitution. The make-up of the states as vassals of the central government does not permit the fake federating units to disagree with the central government and call for negotiations of a point of discord. There are no means of enforcing any judgement given by any court…

There is no way whatsoever a president could be curtailed or contained if and when he goes overboard! There is no way to manage a rampaging president!

Some newts write that the current president does not obey the Rule of Law? Well, that is NOT exactly true! The fact is that by the 1999 Constitution, the Law DOES NOT rule! Where’s the Rule of Law in that Constitution? The Nigerian President is the Law! He doesn’t have to obey any court rulings because there isn’t any means to enforce them!

The national assembly? Come on; read your Constitution! The Section 5 has vested ALL executive actions upon the president! He controls all aspects of security, finance and whatever! The Nigerian President is a super god! All he needs to do is to employ Executive Orders and hinge them on national security among others. We could bring up tens of clauses in the Constitution that allow him to do as he likes!

Severally we wrote about the inordinate codification of fascist clauses in that Constitution. We studied the History of that Constitution in order to understand the Spirit of it. The fact that the PDP presidents attempted to avoid those codes and clauses does not mean they weren’t there or they couldn’t use them. They could but sparingly used them!

Some Learned Illiterates; graduates of the Brainwashing Facilities labelled the Nigerian Law Schools had been negating obvious facts and calling us names all the while. We were always restrained and tried to stay on the path of enlightening the public on the dangerous document foisted upon us all. They mischievously lulled people into silence. We showed them aspects of the 1999 Constitution that proved that the Judiciary was subservient and subsumed under the powers of the president, they protested and called us Intellectual Terrorists! No problem!

Now, the president has removed the Chief Justice of the Federation without recourse to the NJC as dictated by the statutes employing Section 5 and national security as an excuse. Very legal. What could the Bar and Bench do now? We want our so-called legal folks to inform us how they could get the president to reverse this order. In fact, we want them to show us how the Constitution says the president should be punished for breaching this aspect of the Constitution. We want to know how they would remove the Sharia Judge and jail the president for this assault!

Ndi charge and bail lawyers talking rubbish since and defending the 1999 Constitution, come and tell us how you, your NBA, NJC, or whatever could stop this atrocious event and throw the president into jail. If you cannot tell us how it could be reversed and get it reversed, then you must agree that the Law Schools duped you of your school fees! You were duped so you could ask for a refund…or sue them! After all, the Rule of Law exists…in your minds!

What a mess we call a country! The 1999 Constitution has no checks and balances! There is no way to enforce it! It is a scam! You were trained at the Law Schools to interpret the Great Scam as Law! That is the truth! Now, go ahead and deny it as usual; that’s what brainwashed people do!

That Constitution must go! If the NBA and NJC had joined the fight to discard the 1999 Constitution all this time, we might have made some progress; but they had been the greatest defenders of the biggest Heist of the 20th Century!


By Baron Roy.

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