Igbos Hate Buhari, Kingsley Moghalu (YPP). – Chidi Cali

“For Ohanaeze to Endorse Atiku Abubakar and not me, simply means that Igbo problems are Never Tribalism, but Pure Hatred for Buhari, and it is Not good.” – Prof Kingsley Moghalu.


I said it many here, that these small Presidential candidates are working for Buhari and wanted to use the Debate to annihilate Atiku. I am sure that Kingsley Moghalu forgot that Peter Obi that was endorsed along with Atiku is Igbo also.

Moghalu is crying blood that Igbos not Endorsing him or his Master, Buhari shows our hatred for Buhari This exposes his little understanding of the importance of the 2019 election to Ndi Igbo. Moughalu has less than 1% chance to win the Presidential election, while Atiku/Obi is currently Polling around 54.2%. If he is in the position of Ohaneze, who will he put his vote on?

Yesterday, I said that Moghalu had proved to be a strong candidate for the future, and he should be ready for 2023 or 2027 when he must have joined the major parties or build a strong coalition with willing groups.

Regrettably, exposing himself as a Buhari sympathiser and questioning the authority of Igbos to Endorse Atiku/Obi may be the beginning of the end of his political career.

Mr Moghalu, Ndi Igbo are still mourning the over 73 innocent young men killed in cold blood during the Python Dance (1). Scores of IPOB members killed in related peaceful rallies in Onitsha, Aba, Asaba by Buhari’s govt is fresh in our heart to look at Buhari’s direction. Did Moghalu forget the accelerated branding of Peaceful IPOB as a Terror group, while Herdsmen wine and dine with Buhari?

Moghalu should also call the Obi Of Onitsha to recap for him the reasons Buhari gave behind his not appointing any Igboman as a Security Chief. “No Igbo man is Qualified to be appointed as head of security”, according to Buhari.

Buhari forgot that Igbos constitutes over 48% of people that pass out of NYSC in the last 4 years in sequence. What qualification is Buhari looking for that Ndi Igbo are lacking? Yet Moghalu wants to show himself an irresponsible errand boy.

Igbo Hate Buhari, My Black foot. – Chidi Cali

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