Hear ye! Hear ye!

Times have truly changed. I believe very much in nde owerri my people. Nde Owerri know their rights, even though the man on the street is perceived as hungry and will accept money to sell his conscience. I continue to admonish nde owerri anyi to take any monies offered and finally vote their conscience – vote for an individual who you are sure will deliver and work for you, not a candidate imposed on you by instruction or one beholden to Godfathers and other interests.

I am beholden to you my people and true altruistic leaders of owerri federal constituency who are commited to doing the right thing with their structures, encouragement and support.

I don’t have money to share around other than the usual necessary election logistics funds. I am a private citizen and have not held any government position or office prior to now. I am solely fuelled by passion, commitment and enthusiasm to serve my people and deliver the dividends of democracy in full to them.

So my people, take any freely offered monies on offer. Most of the monies on offer are embezzled monies anyway, so, it is your own fraudulently misappropriated money coming back to you. They are giving you back what belongs to you rightfully.

I will continue to run my campaign based on issues. I will continue to strive to convince the common man to understand that he needs to make the right decisions and defend his votes. It is the intention of my campaign to educate my people to vote for character and individuals, and not party. If they vote character and individuals, they won’t have voted wrongly. They would have voted rightly because the parameters will be: who is this person? How do we know him? Who is instructing us to vote him? Will he be beholden to us the people? Is he accessible? What is his source of election funding? If hes not funded by the incumbent government, won’t he first want to recover these monies hes spent? How then will he deliver for us if he’s in debt or beholden to an alien power that dosent have our interest at heart? You shouldnt consider somebody even from your party who just gives out token cash and you go ahead and sell out your conscience, your life and the future of your children.

So i will continue to talk. I will and shall continue to try as much as possible as we go along, to reach as many voters as possible and strive to convince them to do the right thing.

I am Chima Nnadi Oforgu

“Duruebube Owerri federal”

(AA)Action Alliance candidate for owerri federal constituency.

Lets do things differently this time bikonu umunnem.

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