I am Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi-Oforgu, House of Representatives candidate on the platform of the Action Alliance (AA) aspiring to represent Owerri Federal Constituency.

I am happy to tell you my constituents that, I am not in politics because I have the financial means. In fact, I do not really have it. My motivation for going into politics, has more to do with the fact that I know I have far much more to offer in terms of service to the good people of Owerri.

I am actually in politics because of my desire to bring more economic development, federal government presence and enlightenment to my people.

I strongly believe that the problems of poverty and unemployment, should not be the responsibility of our government entirely. Hence, it is my burning desire to get directly involved in finding ways to improve the unemployment rate in our communities.

Prior to my decision to step forward as an aspiring member of the Federal House of Representatives, I have interacted with my people on different levels, and have taken stock of their needs and desires in terms of welfare, infrastructure and economic developments. I also have a strong mechanism in place that helps to gather, verify and update data on how the constituency can be improved, and how its people can be better served. As time goes on, I will elaborate more on this.

Most of you may know that I am internationally exposed, worldly wise and streetwise. If I am elected, it is my intention to apply the skills, knowledge and experiences gained from my exposure to the process of transforming our constituency as we know it. It is my intention to interact and work with our marginalized communities, in order to find ways of improving their specific needs.

I intend to use my clout, contacts and position as a member of the Federal House of Representatives, to lobby the Federal Government on pressing issues, to ensure their constitutional responsibilities are fully executed within our constituency. This includes the provision of infrastructural development for the benefit of my constituents. I have the wherewithal and the contacts to achieve this, and I intend to use these fully. I am passionate about my plans for our constituency, and equally committed to my quest for improving the lives of my people, especially our elderly and disabled, through initiatives that I am keeping close to my heart. I will certainly address the challenges associated with old age.

Through constituency project allocations, I will tackle unemployment and decaying infrastructure. Also, with funding sourced both nationally and internationally, I will champion the upgrade of federal and state health and educational facilities in our constituency.

If elected, I will revamp the constituency, empower the youths with schemes that will reduce restiveness, initiate and actualize community projects for effective development. This will enable dividends of democracy to reflect in the lives and standard of living of the people.

Top on my priority list, is youth and women empowerment through vocational skills acquisition, modern agro-based initiatives and microcredit schemes. I also plan for an Educational Endowment Fund and scholarships for less privileged students. There’s definitely going to be a whole lot of difference, in comparison to what we have had in recent past.

Also on my priority list, is to uphold and maintain the cultural heritage of the owerri speaking tribes that make up the Federal Constituency, which is not properly showcased and given the desired mystique and fanfare it deserves, due to lack of funding.

Part of my intended objectives, is to achieve with my aspiration, qualitative lawmaking and synergy with the state and local governments. I have always been a man of vision, both in the business world and in politics. I would love to see my constituents benefit from services provided in a civil society, a society that caters for and upholds the welfare of its people.

I urge Ndi Owerri to vote for credible and competent individuals, and de-emphasize the trend of party fanaticism which most times does not guarantee that you vote for the best candidates. I advise that you take a hard look across parties and ask yourself pertinent questions, what do we really know about the candidate other their deep pockets and deceptive gift of the garb? If they have held positions before, what did they achieve? Are they accessible to the people? Do they have the requisite passion and commitment to make a difference? Are they in politics for the business of give and take? Would they make good lawmakers and defenders of the constituency?

Let’s do things differently this time. We cant keep electing the same prototypes, mostly encumbered and beholden candidates and expect different results. Try a non-career politician with the requisite passion, commitment and devotion to service, and see what a world of difference it will make.

Vote for me via the Action Alliance (AA) platform, and I guarantee you a breath of fresh air in the true sense of the word.

Duruebube Chimazuru “Oblong” Nnadi- Oforgu

Action Alliance (AA) candidate aspiring to represent Owerri Federal constituency at the National Assembly.


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